"Annoying Orange: The Exploding Orange"
Episode 44
Characters: Orange, Kiwi, Bananas, Passion Fruit, Pear, Gorilla
Airdate: October 15, 2010
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The Exploding Orange is the 44th episode of the Annoying Orange series. This episode features some fruits getting hiccups and what happens to fruits when they get them.


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The scene starts with Orange trying to get attention from a Kiwi with an Australian accent, and says his usual "Hey, ". Kiwi is reading the newspaper, and he gets so annoyed he puts down the paper. He asks what he's doing, and Orange makes fun of his accent. Kiwi says he's a kiwi from New Zealand. Orange says that explains the accent and the "boomerangs", who are really bananas. Kiwi starts hiccuping, and Orange asks why he's saying hippo. Kiwi says he's saying hiccup, not hippo. While Kiwi hiccups, Orange makes up a pun, saying it's a Hungry Hungry Hippo. Kiwi says it's not funny, and Orange says he looks all choked up. Kiwi says he doesn't feel good. He hiccups a lot more, and Orange says what's going on. A banana says everyone should watch out, and says he's gonna blow. Kiwi screams until he explodes, releasing gooey mush. Everyone screams, Then footsteps are heard.Pear says what the noise was. Passion Fruit says she heard them in the other room until she realizes what happened to Kiwi. Orange says Kiwi had the hippos, but Bananas says he had the hiccups. Pear says it's scary, and Orange says what's wrong with getting the hiccups, and Passion Fruit explains that after the hiccup, it gets worse, and then she stutters until Pear says they explode. Orange laughs at it until he has the hiccups.

Pear calls 911, and says an orange has the hiccups. The guy says to say it again, and Pear repeats himself. The guy says he's screwed, screams, then hangs up. Pear says he's out of ideas. Orange becomes worried, and Passion Fruit says everyone should remain calm. Orange hiccups, and everyone starts screaming. Passion Fruit says everyone should shut up, and says everyone will not freak out. Orange says she does not have an "exploding hippo" in her tummy. Pear says it's not a hippo, and Passion Fruit asks Orange if he wants to get rid of his hiccups. Orange says duh, and Passion Fruit says to do exactly as she says. Passion Fruit says it's really simple, and says all he has to do is hold his breath for about 30 seconds. Orange tries it. Pear says it never works, and suggests that Orange has to stand upside-down and be cross-eyed. Orange tries it. One banana says he should be humming the "Star Spangled Banner" (which he does). The other says to breathe in a paper bag. Everyone argues about what they should do until Orange rolls into a wall.

Faint voices are saying Orange as the screen is black. Orange wakes up, and Pear says he crashed into something and blacked out. Orange asks why he's still orange, and Passion Fruit says that Orange's hiccups are gone. Everyone gets excited, but then Orange hiccups again. Everyone stays worried, and Orange says he's sorry he was going to die. Passion Fruit says it's not his fault, and Pear says it could happen to anyone. Orange says another pun, and Pear says they are getting worse by the second. Banana says he's sorry they treated Orange badly. But then suddenly, a crash and a roar can be heard. Banana asks what it was, and then a gorilla comes and eats the bananas. Everybody screams, and Orange tells some puns after their death. Pear asks how a gorilla got in there, but Orange keeps saying puns. Pear says that's enough, but Orange tells more puns. Passion Fruit says his hiccups are gone. Orange says the gorilla scared them away, and everyone is excited. Pear was about to say something, but then he starts hiccuping. He finishes the episode by saying "Aw, crap!"

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Annoying Orange The Exploding Orange04:24

Annoying Orange The Exploding Orange


iJustine as Passion Fruit

Smosh as Bananas

Kevin Brueck as Kiwi

Created by Daneboe

Written by Spencer Grove

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"Annoying Orange: The Exploding Orange"
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