"Annoying Orange: The Onion Ring"
Episode 19
Characters: Orange, Onion Rings (Robert Jennings, Kevin Brueck, Theresa Barket and Dan Heinan), Onion Ring, Oranges, Onion, Big Papi
Airdate: April 23, 2010
Episode Reference: The Ring
Episode Guide
"The Annoying Trailer"

The Onion Ring is an American horror web-film. It is the nineteenth episode in the Annoying Orange series. It aired along with a special video called The cursed Onion Ring tape. It also seems to be a parody of the horror movie The Ring.


Four friends, Kevin Brueck, Robert Jennings, Thersea Barket, and Dan Heinan hung out with each other one night. Kevin Brueck put in a cursed VHS tape and they watched it. After they have viewed it, and after they all agreed it sucked, they received a phone call, which was Orange notifying them that in seven days, they would become onion rings.

One week later, the same events occurred on that night, when the television turned itself on, and Orange appeared and came through the television and asked them if he could "drop in", coming in through the screen itself. The four friends were seen screaming. Then they were turned into onion rings.

One week later, as onion rings, the four friends were annoyed by Orange's annoying mannerisms. They pleaded to be turned back, but couldn't, as their Big Papi began to eat them.

Fruity Question of the Day

Who do you want me to turn into an onion ring?

"Annoying Orange: The Onion Ring"
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