-(man) Okay, so the squirrel's looking at me and he says,

"Nuts? Ha-ha-ha! Buddy, you're insane, you're insane!"

man: [laughing]

man: No, true story, true story, but um--

That's-- that's not why we're here tonight.

You guys hear about this video?

It's, uh, pretty scary stuff.

man: Wait, is that the one where the guy sniffs gorilla glue?

woman: No-no-no, it's the one where the girl kills all those eggs.

man: No-no-no, it's the one where the guy does taxes with his cat, right?

man: No... no, this is a different kind of video, okay?

You watch this video and then you get phone call from a guy

and there's a voice on the other end and he tells you something

and then, seven days later,

something bad happens to you.

-(all) Whoa!

man: So...

You guys wanna watch it?

man: Yeah.

[static buzzing eerily]

Orange: [sighs] I'm hungry.

[chewing noisily]

Hey, it's see-food! [laughs]

[dog barking]

♪ La-la-la-la-la-la-la, la... ♪

[groans, coughing]

[oranges laughing]

Onion Ring: [screams]

[Orange laughs]

man: Well, that sucked.


[phone ringing]


man: Hello?

[Orange laughs]


-(Orange) Seven days. [laughs]

man: What happens in seven days?

-(Orange) You're an onion ring.

[laughs eerily]

[dial tone]

man: Who was that? What did they say?

man: I think he just called me...

an onion ring.

And then the squirrel says,

"Nuts? Buddy, you are insane!"

Yeah-ha-ha-ha, oh...

Oh, God. I love that joke.

man: Dude, seriously? You know what time it is, right?

man: Ooh...

Time for a, uh, 'nother video?

woman: It's been exactly seven days.

man: Exactly.

woman: Don't you remember the phone call?

man: Oh, yeah...

Ah, I wouldn't worry about that.

Not a big... thing.

[dog snorting]

woman: Oh, my God!

man: Guys, easy.

It's just my dog, Big Papi.

man: Uh, Bobby, why is your dog eating an onion?

man: 'Cause I'm out of cantaloupe. This guy serious?

[Orange laughs]

woman: What was that?

[static buzzing]

man: All right, who's got the remote?

Orange: Hey! [laughs]

man: Oh, my God.

Orange: [laughing creepily]

You guys don't mind if I drop in, do ya?

[all scream]

Hey! Hey, onion rings!

Hey! Hey, onion rings! Hey!

Onion rings? Hey!

Hey, onion rings!

-(all) What?

-Which one of you is the ringleader?

[laughs, onion rings groan]

Oh, you're not laughing.

Onion Ring: Well, this sucks.

Onion Ring: Hey Orange,

why don't you just stop saying stupid puns and change us back?

Orange: Because... I like having you a-round.

[laughs, onion rings groan]

Hey, hey onion rings!

Onion Ring: What?

Orange: Pitbull.

[all scream]

Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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