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"Annoying Orange: The Orange Cup"
Episode 31
Orange Cup
Characters: Orange, Soccer Ball
Airdate: July 8, 2010
Episode Reference: The World Cup
Episode Guide
"Orange of July"
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples"

The Orange Cup is the twenty-seventh episode in the second season of the Annoying Orange. This outdoor episode features the reappearance of Soccer Ball.


The episode opens with Orange singing a song. The song's lyrics were very straightforward: "Who let the oranges out, o-o-o-o. Who let the oranges out o-o-o-o" and laughs.

Soccer Ball gets kicked in the middle of the grass meeting him again. Orange still calls him Melon, a nickname which Soccer Ball dislikes. Soccer Ball corrected him by saying, "I'm not a melon."

Later, Orange blows on a vuvuzela horn and kept blowing it till Soccer Ball got annoyed, then with a warning, Soccer Ball got kicked by Foot, and then Orange laughs and continues to blow his horn for the remainder of the episode.

Fruity Question of the day

What is your favorite soccer/futbol team?


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Annoying Orange The Orange Cup

"Annoying Orange: The Orange Cup"
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