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"Annoying Orange: The Orange Cup"
Episode 31
Orange Cup
Characters: Orange, Soccer Ball
Airdate: July 8, 2010
Episode Reference: The World Cup
Episode Guide
"Orange of July"
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples"

The Orange Cup is the twenty-seventh episode in the second season of the Annoying Orange. This outdoor episode features the reappearance of Soccer Ball.


The episode opens with Orange singing a song. The song's lyrics were very straightforward: "Who let the oranges out, o-o-o-o. Who let the oranges out o-o-o-o" and laughs.

Soccer Ball gets kicked in the middle of the grass meeting him again. Orange still calls him Melon, a nickname which Soccer Ball dislikes. Soccer Ball corrected him by saying, "I'm not a melon."

Later, Orange blows on a vuvuzela horn and kept blowing it till Soccer Ball got annoyed, then with a warning, Soccer Ball got kicked by Foot, and then Orange laughs and continues to blow his horn for the remainder of the episode.


Annoying Orange The Orange Cup01:11

Annoying Orange The Orange Cup

"Annoying Orange: The Orange Cup"
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