• This is the second episode to feature Orange's ability to spit seeds (the first was "TOE-MAY-TOE").
  • This is the sixth appearance of Voice. The first was The Annoying Trailer, the second was Picture Contest, the third was Picture Contest Winners!, the fourth was Mystery Guest, and the fifth is Million Clones.
  • This is the third appearance of Passion Fruit, the first was Passion of the Fruit and the second was Grapefruit's Revenge.
  • Unlike several later episodes that has a 'sitcom' version, there is no alternate/regular version of this episode.
  • This is the first sitcom, later four others where added.
  • At the end, Pear and Orange look at the camera after telling Pear "No one will watch a show about a talking Orange", they look at the camera which is considering "Breaking the Fourth Wall" in television/play history.

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