• The episode is a spoof of the Oscars. The episode was released for the 85th Academy Awards.
  • Daniel Date-Lewis is a spoof of Daniel Day-Lewis. Brad Pitt is a spoof of Brad Pitt (the same name). Angelina Kiwi is a spoof of Angelina Jolie. Broccoli Cruise is a spoof of Tom Cruise. Jack Pickleson is a spoof of Jack Nicholson.
  • Lincoln is a spoof of Lincoln (the same name). Hero Shark Birdy is a spoof of Zero Dark ThirtyLes Squashable is a spoof of Les MisérablesCargo is a spoof of Argo. Mango Unchained is a spoof of Django UnchainedLife of Pie is a spoof of Life of Pi. Also, Richard Parker appears.
  • Orange doesn't appear in this episode.
  • Strangely, squashable is in english while miserable (In french) is in french.

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