Orange:, borange, forange, norange, hippopotamorange...

Midget Apple: Ooh, ooh, I got it!

Orange: You do?! What is it?

Midget Apple: Door hinge!

Orange: Door hinge? Hm... no.

Pear: Hey guys, what are you doing?

Midget Apple: We're trying to think of words that rhyme with "Orange".

Pear: Umm, why?

Orange: I don't know. Midget Apple and Marshmallow are trying to make me a theme song for some reason.

Midget Apple: That's Little Apple!

Orange: And that's getting really old.

Pear: Wait, Orange! You don't have a theme song?

Orange: Umm, no?

Pear: What?! Everyone has a theme song!

Marshmallow: That's what I'm trying to tell him! Theme songs are wonderful! Yayyy!

Orange: Wait, everyone has a theme song?

Pear: Of course! I got one!

(Pear's theme song plays)

Voice: Pear is green

And he's on the scene 

He's rockin' the kitchen

He's livin' the dream

On a spaceship chasin' a moonbeam.

He's Pear!

Don't you know what I mean?

He's Pear!

(theme song ends)

Orange: Wow! That was really cool!

Pear: I know! And check it out: Midget Apple has one, too!

(Midget Apple's theme song plays)

Voice: He is small, but he is brave.

Living large is his claim to fame.

Midget Apple is his name.

(The title "Midget Apple" appears from behind an US flag with Midget Apple under the title)

Midget Apple: It's Little Apple!

(theme song ends)

Orange: Woah! That was intense!

Midget Apple: I think it really captures my personality.

Pear: See, Orange? Even Marshmallow has a theme song!

Marshmallow: Yeah! I got one too!

(Scene cuts to Marshmallow rocking back and forth on a rainbow, surrounded by puppies, kittens, rabbits, and a smiling sun)

Chorus: Do-ah, do-ah

Female voice: He's so cute

Chorus: Do-ah, do-do-do

Male voice: (during the chorus) So cute!

Female voice: He's soo cute!

(White puffy letters that spell "Marshmallow" appear one by one while the female sings)

Marshmallow: Yayyy! My favorite part is when it says I'm cute! (giggles)

Orange: What? So EVERYONE here has a theme song except me?

Pear: I didn't realize it, but, yeah.

Orange: Even that plum over there has one?

Plum: Yup! I sure do!

(Plum's theme song plays)

Plum is good

And Plum is great

He's shark fishing

With clowns as bait

Plum is plum

And that's why they say

He eats rainbows each and everyday

He's Plum!

(theme song ends when there is a moment of awkward silence)

Orange: Umm, what was that?

Plum: That was my theme song!

Orange: Why were you eating rainbows?

Plum: Marshmallow wrote it.

Marshmallow: Rainbows are delicious! (giggles)

Orange: Hmm, only one word comes to my mind when I want to hear that song.

Plum: What's that?

Orange: Knife!

(Knife's theme song plays)

Voice: He slices when he chops

He dices when he drops

Better run for your life


Here comes Knife

(theme song ends)

Plum: That was pretty good......ooohhhh!!!

Dane Boedigheimer: (cuts Plum in half)

Plum: (screams)

All:(Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, and Marshmallow scream)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

Pear: Geez, I didn't see that one coming!

Midget Apple: He has a theme song, how could you not see it coming?

Orange: Yeah, this sucks! Everybody has a theme song except me!

Marshmallow: Wait, Orange, that's not true!

Orange: Wait, what?

Marshmallow: I just finished your theme song!

Orange: Really?

Marshmallow: Yeah!

Midget Apple: (growls a bit) I don't really like your track record with theme songs.

Orange: I wanna hear it! Play it now! Play it now!

Marshmallow: Yayy!

Midget Apple: Okay... roll it!

(Orange's theme song plays)

He spits seeds

And he is great

He's riding on a pony in roller skates

He slides to work on a rainbow

And cleans his plate

He's Orange!

Annoying Orange!

He's Orange!

Annoying Orange!

He's Orange!

Orange: (laughs)

(Theme song ends)

(end credits roll for 14 seconds, then cut to Orange)

Orange: (speaking to Marshmallow) What is it with you and rainbows?

Marshmallow: Rainbows are wonderful! Yay!

Orange: (grunts)

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