(Cob is on the phone with an agent)

Cob: Yeah, that's right! I need you to prioritize the Johnson report, and get Tyler on the phone, pronto! NO, this is an emergency! Things are poppin'!

(Cob's phone rings)

Cob: Hey, I got another call comin' in.

(beep,Orange laughs)

Cob: Y'ello?

Orange: WAZZUP?!

Cob: Orange?

Orange: WAZZUP?!

(Orange continues his Wazzup)

Cob: Orange? Orange!

(Orange laughs)

Cob: Buddy, I'm right here!

(title card)

(it's revealed that Cob is on the other side of the counter)

Cob: Okay champ, you gotta stop calling me.

Orange: What? I was just trying to butter you up! (laughs)

Cob: (fake laughs) Not funny!

(Cob's phone rings)

Cob: Okay, I gotta take this. Hold on.


Cob: You got the Cob!

Orange: WAZZUB?!


(Orange laughs)

Cob: Okay champ look, I'm expecting a very important call! I'm the ear that everyone wants to talk to!

(phone rings)

Cob: Orange?!

Orange: It's not me!

Cob: Oh really?

Orange: It's not!

Cob: Fine. (sighs)

(Cob answers)

Cob: Hello?

Midget Apple: WAZZUP?!


Cob: STOP!

(Midget Apple and Orange continue)


(Orange and Midget Apple laugh)

Cob: I told you guys, I'm waiting for an important call!

Orange: Hey Kernel Cornface!

Cob: The name is Cob!

Orange: Hey, hey Kernel Cornface!

Cob: That's not my name!

Orange: Hey Kernel Cornface? Hey!

Cob: WHAT?!

Orange: I'd salute you, but I don't have hands.


Cob: That's not funny!! That's just stupid!! Why can't you just.....

(phone rings)

Cob: Grrrrr!


Cob: You got the Cob!

Pear: WAZZUP?!

Orange: AHHHHH!

Midget Apple: AHHHHH!

(Cob screams as they continue WAZZUP-ing)

Cob: Shut UUUUUUUP!!!!!


Cob: What did I just tell you guys?

Orange: You said "Gimme a call! I'm all ears!"

(laughter again)

Cob: I never said that!

Midget Apple: I think you said you were tired of being the laughingstock! (laughs)

Cob: Hey, watch it Mini-munchkin-man!

Orange: Hey, that's midget-munchkin-man!

Midget Apple: No, it's just Little Apple!

Cob: Nobody cares! Just shut up! Man, you idiots are making my kernels itch!

(phone rings)

Cob: Okay, okay, okay! This could be it! None of you numskulls are calling me right now, are you?

Midget Apple: Nuh-uh.

Orange: Nope.

Pear: Not me.

Cob: Okay,because if I pick up this phone, and it's someone screaming "WAZZUP?" I'm bringing a world of pain on each and every one of you! Alright.


Cob: Y'ello?

Marshmallow: WAZZUP?!

Grapefruit: What's up?!

Grandpa Lemon: Wazzub?

Orange: Blleeeah!

Midget Apple: B-deeeeeh!

Pear: Agh!

(Screaming,aww-ing and wazzuuuup-ing. Granpa Lemon falls asleep midway. The wazzuuuup-ing continues until Cob heats up and explodes from anger)

All: Whoa!

Marshmallow: Yay! It's raining scrumptious! (chews)

Pear: Wow, it looks like Cob couldn't keep a pop secret! (Pear and Midget Apple laugh)

Orange: Yeah. I didn't know he was the father of unicorn.

Midget Apple: Huh?

Pear: What?

Marshmallow: He was?

Orange: Duh, it's obvious: He's a pop-corn! (all laugh)

Marshmallow: Yay! I love unicorns!

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