Orange: Bored b-b-bored b-b-bored bored bored. (sigh) I'm bored. If I were any more bored, I'd be made out of wood! (laughs) Hey, what's going on over there?

Shay Red: Hey guys, it's Red! Welcome to another episode of—

Orange: Hey! Hey, potato! Hey, waddaya doin'?

Red: Yo, buddy! Lock it down! I'm shooting something over here!

Orange: Why? What'd he do to you?

Shay: Just keep it down, okay?

Orange: Okay? Well what about him?

Trippotato: Oh, I'm shooting my vlog. It's about the making of his vlog.

Orange: Wow, sounds like a real vlog jam. (laughs)

Tater of DC: Oh, don't mind me, I'm just grabbing some stuff for our second channel.

Orange: Hey, wait a minute, are you guys YouTubers?

Potatoes: Rate, comment, subscribe!

(title card appears)

Orange: Okay, so what's your name again?

Shay: Shay.

Orange: Say? Say what?

Shay: Listen: Shay.

Orange: Say what? I just wanna know your name!

Shay: SHAY!

Orange: Say WHAT?!

Trippotato: OMG, he doesn't know "say" from "Shay".

Tater of DC: Seriously! I'm all LOL.

Orange: Wait, LOL? What does that mean?

Tater of DC: Hello, it's "laughing out loud"!

Orange: Oh, why aren't you laughing then?

Trippotato: Dude, you don't have to laugh out loud to LOL.

Orange: Ooh! What about BOB?

Trippotato: Huh?

Orange: Belching out burps! (burps, then laughs)

Tater of DC: What a noob!

Trippotato: Incoming! Incoming! We have a ROFLCopter!

Tater of DC and Trippotato: (laugh)

Orange: Oh, is that what that thing is?

Microsoft Sam: My ROFLCopter goes SOI-SOI-SOI-SOI-SOI-SOI.

Shay: Come on guys. We're not here for Idiot Oranges and ROFLCopters; We're here to make a hit video!

Orange: Ooh! Ooh! Film me doing this! (spins) Wheeeee! I'm dizzy! (laughs)

Shay: Aw, come on! I'm vlogging here!

Orange: Yay! I'm vlogging too! I wanna be a YouTuber!

Shay: Uhh... I don't think that's a good idea.

Trippotato: Yeah, but we can totally sub for sub!

Orange: No thanks, I always get seasick!

Tater of DC: Forget that, box for box! Go big or go home!

Orange: Ooh! I have a better idea! How about motorboat for motorboat?

Shay: Huh?

Orange: (rapidly moves lips)

Trippotato: Dude, we're still filming?

Tater of DC: (in background: Orange laughing) Yeah, you're right. A talking Orange? Who would want that?

Orange: Aw, c'mon, what could be better than me?

Shay: I don't know, how about kittens? You know, something cute with big eyes that make funny noises. People would love that!

Marshmallow: Yay! Did someone say "kittens"?

Trippotato: Yeah, but they want other things too you know, like quirky hot ladies who are also way tech-savvy.

Passion Fruit: Uh, I totally know what you're talking about. That happens to me all the time! 

iPhone: Oh, gosh, you know me so well! (giggles)

Tater of DC: Oh! And wacky old people! Got any wacky old people?

Grandpa Lemon: (spinning on his motorcycle) Now that's what I call a twist of lemon! (laughs)

Orange: Uhm...Nope! We don't have anything like that around here!

Shay: Well that's just great! I told you guys this was gonna be a bust!

Orange: Geez... I guess it's like they say: TGT.

Shay: Huh?

Orange: TGT: Tater's gonna tate. (laughs)

Shay: Well this is just perfect. How am I supposed to vlog if I've got nothing to vlog about?

Orange: Ooh, hey guys! I know what you should vlog about!

Shay: Oh just shut up already!

Orange: Hey! Hey Red! Hey!


Orange: Knife!

(Knife chops Red) (screaming)

Orange: Geez... someone should've yelled "cut"!

(knifing scene replays over and over)

(zooms out to reveal a YouTube video)

Trippotato: Wow, this is the biggest video we've ever done!

Tater of DC: Yeah, too bad Red isn't here to see it.

Orange: Well, at least Knife saw it!


Marshmallow: Yay! My ROFLCopter goes- (makes whirping noise)

Orange, Tater of DC, Trippotato: (laugh)

(credits roll')

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