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"Annoying Orange: ZOOM!!!"
Episode 67
Annoying Orange Zoom
Characters: Orange, Pear, Baby Carrot, Zoom, Bunny Rabbit, Hidden Mustachios
Airdate: Feburary 25, 2011
Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange vs. Gecko"
"Annoying Orange Through Time"

Annoying Orange: ZOOM!!! is the sixty-seventh episode of the Annoying Orange series. This episode features a baby carrot and an energy drink which can make people very hyperactive.


In the beginning, Orange heckles Baby Carrot. Baby Carrot tells him to shut up since he talked for hours. After a few minutes, he starts to feel sleepy until a Zoom drink can was placed on the counter. When Orange spat a seed at the can, it created an opening, causing Zoom to wear out, and a stream of the liquid shot into Orange's mouth. Pear complains that it smells like cough syrup, but Orange says its "ZOOM!!!" and he becomes hyper. Pear and Baby Carrot were annoyed by this, causing baby carrot to scream. Pear stopped him and said that it would wear off at any second. Ten hours passed and Orange still continued to be hyper, but then falls asleep, relieving Baby Carrot, who thought he was going to get annoyed to death. The episode ends when Orange wakes up to warn Baby Carrot about a rabbit, when then the rabbit appeared and devoured Baby Carrot.

Rabbit eating Baby Carrot


Zoom worn out (note the hole made by Orange's seed)

Fruity Question of the day

What gives you energy?


Annoying Orange ZOOM!!!03:00

Annoying Orange ZOOM!!!

"Annoying Orange: ZOOM!!!"
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