Orange: Hey! Hey, Baby Carrot! Hey, Baby Carrot!

Baby Carrot: WHAT!?!?

Orange: I'm really glad you could "stick around"! (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Baby Carrot: (groans) Enough! Enough!

Orange: What? Does baby need a bottle? (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Baby Carrot: Just shut up! Shut up already! You've been talking for hours!

Orange: (yawns) Yeah, I am getting kinda sleepy.

Zoom: (announcer yell) HEYYYYYY! (Zoom is slammed down onto the counter) Looks like you could use some Zooooooooooom!!!!

Orange: Huh?

Zoom: With Zoom, you don't have to count sheep! You can ride them at the speed of sound!

Orange: Hey! Can it buddy, it's time for bed! (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Zoom: Just one sip gives you a full night's rest in just 30 seconds! Whoo-hoo!

Orange: Yeah? Well I bet you can't do this! Nya-nya-nya-nya...

Zoom: Zoom can do! (babbles tongue rapidly)

Orange: Whoa!

Zoom: Woo-hoo! Did you know that Zoom is also an alternative energy source?

Orange: Did you know that I can do this? (spits out seed which hits ZOOM, leaving a dent)

Zoom: Careful, Zoom is under tremendous pressure!

Orange: What's the matter? I thought you were alumi-numb. (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Zoom: Zoom. Can't. Hold it. Any. Longer! (A hole appears. Juice blasts out from the hole, getting into Orange's mouth)

Orange: Hey!

Zoom: Watch out! This is exttrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmme!

Orange: I don't want your backwash! (flow stops) Ugghh!

Zoom: Zoom is... feeling... drained.

Pear: Yuck! This place smells like cough syrup!

Orange: It's not cough syrup! It's... It's...ZZZZZOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!

Pear: Are you OK?

Orange: Hey! Hey Zoom! I thought you were a can, but now you look like a can't! (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Zoom: down.

Orange: What's the matter? Feeling drained? (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Pear: OK, what's going on here?

Orange: Hey! Hey Pear! Can you do this?! (babbles tongue rapidly)

Pear: What the?

Baby Carrot: (groans) Quiet!

Orange: Whooooo!

Pear: What are you doing?!

Orange: Hey! Hey, look! I'm a motorboat! (babbles lips to sound like motorboat)

Baby Carrot: Oh, make it stop!

(Orange continues)

Pear: What's going on?

Orange: (laughs energetically)

Baby Carrot: Why won't anybody shut up?!

Orange: Whoa! I just realized I can do this! (rolls tongue rapidly)

Pear: Orange!

(Orange continues)

Pear: Orange!

(Orange still continues)

Pear: ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orange: Hey, hey, who said that?! I didn't say anything! Did you say it, Pear?! I didn't say anything.

Pear: Orange, you gotta slow down!

Orange: Slow down?! No way! I feel great! I'm gonna get so much done! I wanna paint the house, do you wanna paint the house, Pear?!? Let's paint the house!


Orange: Hey, hey Carrot! You should eat something! About some babyback 'babyback 'babyback 'babyback 'babyback (continues)


Pear: OK, OK, OK! Just, it's OK, little guy. Just don't worry. I'm sure this will wear off any second now.

Orange: babyback 'babyback 'babyback 'babyback ribs! (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

(10 hours later)

(Orange is rolling his tongue rapidly. Pear frowns.)

Baby Carrot: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Orange falls over asleep)

Baby Carrot: (pants) Is he finally... you know-

Pear: Yeah, phew, I think it's finally over.

Baby Carrot: Thank goodness, for a second I thought I was going to get annoyed to death.

Orange: (waking up) Whoa...hey...hey, Baby Carrot.

Baby Carrot: Yeah?

Orange: Bunny rabbit!

(Bunny Rabbit appears and begins to eat Baby Carrot)

Baby Carrot: AAAAAAHHHH!!!

(ending card rolls in)

Zoom: Zoom...feels...empty inside.

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