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"Annoying Orange 2: Plumpkin"
Episode 2
Annoying Orange 202:11

Annoying Orange 2

Characters: Orange, Pumpkin, Knife (as object)
Airdate: October 29, 2009
Episode Guide
"Hey Apple"

Plumpkin is an episode of The Annoying Orange from the first season. This episode features a pumpkin, the start of "plumpkin" jokes and other name-calling jokes, and is the first holiday special as well the first Halloween special. It is second short in the series.


The episode starts off with Orange chanting a song to himself, then Dane Boedigheimer brings in Pumpkin, who is getting exhausted from being carried around, and places him on a counter. Orange almost immediately mistakes Pumpkin for an orange (and his own brother), but Pumpkin corrects him. Then, Orange nicknames him "Plumpkin", due to his size, which Pumpkin doesn't appreciate. Orange subsequently annoys him in various ways until he gets really frustrated. Pumpkin then demands Orange to stop annoying him and calling him names, then a knife appears behind him, and when Pumpkin asked why Orange was mumbling and making a nervous face, Orange fearfully says "Knife". As Pumpkin is cut open and his insides are torn out, Orange makes some obvious comments and watches in pure horror.

Later, Pumpkin is seen still alive (albeit not as healthy) and Orange tells him, "Somebody carved a face on his butt!" Indeed, Pumpkin was turned into a jack-o-lantern, with the face carved on his rear. As this is revealed, a message appears saying "HAPPY HALLOWEEN". Then the lights go out and Orange asks "Who turned out the lights?"

Running Gags

Running gags used in Plumpkin.


Plumpkin - Orange makes up this name for Pumpkin, due to his size.

Fruity Question of the Day

My favorite word is bananabutt! What's your favorite word?

Note: This is only available in the official AO Channel. If you'd like to comment with your answer, here's the link: [1]


Annoying Orange 202:11

Annoying Orange 2

"Annoying Orange 2: Plumpkin"
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