(The title "Annoying Orange 2: Plumpkin" appears from behind a black background. Orange is heard)

Orange: La-la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la-la Singin' a song la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la

(Dane Boedigheimer places a pumpkin on the counter)

Pumpkin: Thanks a lot! I'm gettin' real sick and tired of being dragged all over the place!

Orange: Whoa! You're the biggest orange I've ever seen!

Pumpkin: What? I'm not an orange.

Orange: (gasps) You must be my big brother!

Pumpkin: I'm not your brother!

Orange: Yeah, you are! I'm orange, You're orange, We're both oranges!

Pumpkin: I'm not an orange, I'm a pumpkin.

Orange: Pumpkin? Don't you mean "plumpkin?" (laughs) You're huge! (laughs)

Pumpkin: Ha, ha, ha, ha, that's real funny.

Orange: Hey, Plumpkin!

Pumpkin: It's Pumpkin!

Orange: Hey! Hey, Plumpkin!

Pumpkin: What?

Orange: How d'ya get so plump? (laughs)

Pumpkin: (groans)

Orange: Hey, Plumpkin! Wanna see a trick?

Pumpkin: Not really.

Orange: (burps and laughs)

Pumpkin: Yeah, that's not even a trick.

Orange: Hey, Plumpkin!

Pumpkin: It's Pumpkin!

Orange: Hey, Plumpkin!

Pumpkin: What?

Orange: Can you touch your eyeball with your tounge?

Pumpkin: No!

Orange: You haven't even tried it yet. Try it! Errl...

Pumpkin: I don't wan't to try it.

Orange: Errl... almost. Errl...

Pumpkin: Would you stop that?

Orange: I almost got it.

Pumpkin: Orange, Knock it off!

Orange: You're not trying.

Pumpkin: (eyes widen and loudly) Oh, my God! Stop it!

Orange: What?

Pumpkin: You know, I'm a pretty relaxed guy most of the time and it takes a lot to get me riled, but you, you are driving me crazy, and I've only been here-- what-- a minute.

(Knife appears)

Pumpkin: You don't shut up! It's Pumpkin! Pumpkin! Not Orange, not Plumpkin, and I'm not your brother.

(A knife, held by Dane Boedigheimer, hovers above Pumpkin. Orange gulps)

Pumpkin: What? What is it? Why are mumbling and making that face?

Orange: Knife.

Pumpkin: Huh?

(Boedigheimer stabs Pumpkin. Pumpkin screams, playing drum fanfare)

Orange: Somebody should take that guy's knife away. Right in the head. Oh no, He's tearing your insides out!

(Boedigheimer pulls the insides out of Pumpkin)

(The backround music changes to more pleasant music)

Orange: (After Pumpkin has been carved into a Jack-O-Lantern) Hey! Hey, Plumpkin! Hey, Plumpkin! Hey! Hey, Plumpkin, Somebody carved a face on your butt! (laughs)

(Pumpkin sighs angrily)

Orange: (After Boedigheimer turns off the lights) Hey, Who turned out the lights?

(The words "Happy Halloween!" appear on the screen)

(The screen cuts to the orange background and orange and the words "Created by Daneboe" "Written by Spencer Grove" on the 2 rectangles below.)

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