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  • This is the first time someone has been killed without Knife being involved.
  • The fruity question of the day in this episode "If elephants are microwaves, what are alligators?" was referenced in Annoying Orange: Equals Annoying Orange, showing answers left in the comment section of this video.
  • Orange was referenced the episode in Muddy Buddy by saying POE-TAY-TOE.
  • Tomato hints that Oranges are generally very annoying by saying "I hate oranges" after Orange relentlessly annoys Tomato and insists on saying that tomatoes are vegetables. This point is strengthened in Annoying Orange 5: More Annoying Orange, by Other Orange annoying Orange.
  • This episode reveals Orange's ability to spit seeds.
  • Just blending Tomato would not be enough to make Ketchup, as there are other ingredients to make ketchup.
  • Orange's lips are a bit red in this video, unlike in the first two episodes.
  • This is the third re-uploaded episode to be put on with the link of the Annoying Orange website , replacing the original video's link,
  • This is the second time Pear is absent!
  • This is the 3rd episode.

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