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"Annoying Orange 4: Sandy Claus"
Episode 4
Annoying Orange 4 Sandy Claus02:04

Annoying Orange 4 Sandy Claus

Characters: Orange, Santa Claus
Airdate: December 23, 2009
Episode Reference: Santa Claus
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Sandy Claus is an episode of The Annoying Orange from the first season. This episode features a Santa Claus doll and is the second holiday special, as well the first Christmas holiday special. It is the Season 1 Finale.


Orange sings a song on a spoof of Jingle Bells. Santa Claus Doll makes his arrival under a small Christmas tree. Meeting each other, Santa introduces himself and explains that he gives presents for good children on Christmas Eve. He wanted one billion dollars and a gallon of gas. Orange annoys Santa with burping, annoying sounds, puns and names like "Sandy Claus" or being "very naughty". Orange gets on the top of Santa's naughty list, but he continues annoying Santa.

"Annoying Orange 4: Sandy Claus"
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