"Annoying Orange 5: More Annoying Orange"
Episode 5
Annoying Orange 5 More Annoying Orange02:24

Annoying Orange 5 More Annoying Orange

Characters: Orange, Orange (Season 2), Orange Group, Knife (as object)
Airdate: January 15, 2010
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"Sandy Claus"

Annoying Orange 5: More Annoying Orange is the fifth episode of The Annoying Orange and the premiere episode of Season 2. This episode features another annoying orange who was behaving more annoying than Orange. It is the first short and episode in season two.


Orange was all alone in the kitchen. Just then, another orange comes into the kitchen. Orange then tries to annoy him but the Orange annoys him instead.

When Orange tries to crack jokes, the Orange interrupts him cracking jokes to him, until Orange gets very angry. Meanwhile, the Juicer appears, causing Orange to smile. The Orange then gets knifed while Orange happily looks at him, finally having peace and quiet. After that, a group of Oranges came much as his dismay about very annoying.

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"Annoying Orange 5: More Annoying Orange"
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