"Annoying Orange 6: Super Bowl Football"
Episode 8
Annoying Orange 6 Super Bowl Football02:30

Annoying Orange 6 Super Bowl Football

Characters: Orange, Football, Soccer Ball
Airdate: January 29, 2010

February 15, 2010 (re-upload)

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"Hey YOUTUBE!!!"

Super Bowl Football is an episode of The Annoying Orange from the second season. This outdoor episode features Orange, a football and a soccer ball.


The episode starts with Dane Boedigheimer placing a cooler on a bench and drags Orange on a bench as he said he hates being dragged over the place. Football then is placed on a tee. Orange says that Football is made out of feet, but Football tries to convince him he's not made of feet. Orange continues annoying Football with nicknames and blowing spit bubbles. Football says that that's disgusting. Football then gets aggravated with Orange and lectures him until he gets kicked by a foot, flies, gets hit by the metal poles and drops down. Soccer Ball comes back and lands back on the bench that he's a football and Orange tells him Football told him he wasn't made of feet.

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"Annoying Orange 6: Super Bowl Football"
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