(opening sequence)

Voice: Orange through time!

Orange: (laughs)

(episode starts and the time card on the bottom says 145 million years ago)

Orange: Hey! Hey, dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs: What?!

Orange: Meteor.

Dinosaurs: Huh? Ah!!!

(Orange moves to Benjamin Franklin flying a kite and timecard says 1752)

Orange: Hey! Hey, Benjamin Franklin!

Benjamin Franklin: What is it already?

Orange: Lightning.

(lightning zapping, Benjamin screaming)

Orange: (laughs) Oh...

(lightning zaps again, Benjamin screams again)

(Orange moves to Titanic's travel timecard says 1912)

(Ship horn)

Orange: Hey! Hey, Titanic! Titanic, hey!

Titanic: What? What is it?

Orange: Um, I forgot what I was going to say.

Titanic: Oh, well that's okay.

Orange: Oh yeah! Iceburg.


Titanic: Wahh!!

Voice: Orange through time!

Orange: (laughs) (title card)

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