"Annoying Orange Through Time 2"
Episode 76
Annoying Orange Through Time 201:12

Annoying Orange Through Time 2

Characters: Orange, Apple, Goliath, Cactus, Isaac Newton, David
Airdate: April 29, 2011
Episode Guide
"Comedy Clubbing"
"Mommy and Me"

Annoying Orange Through Time #2 is the sequel to Annoying Orange Through Time and the seventy-sixth episode of the Annoying Orange series.


Orange goes back in time (again) to the battle of David and Goliath. Orange says that Goliath has broccoli breath and Goliath gets very angry. Orange then says "David", and David comes to make his legendary moment by killing Goliath. Then Orange goes to Isaac Newton, who is working. Orange watches as Apple hits Issac Newton on the head and then falls to the ground. Orange annoys Apple and then warns him about Knife, who drops down and slices Apple in two. Orange then goes to a cactus and starts to annoy him. Orange says "Flying Saucer" and a flying saucer crashes into the ground, killing cactus. There is no replies, so Orange exclaims "What? Too soon?

Fruity Question of the Day

What places in time do you want Orange to visit next?


1020 BC= The Battle Of David And Goliath (1 Samuel 17)

1666= Sir Isaac Newton Gets Hit By Apple Discovering Gravity

1947= Roswell UFO Incident

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