"Annoying Orange Through Time 3"
Episode 92
Characters: Orange, Trojan, Wee Pony, Horse, Moon, Man On The Moon, Cherries, George Washington, Leaning Tower of Pisa (Only at extended version), Pharaoh, Sphinx
Airdate: September 2, 2011
Episode Guide
"Naval Orange"

Annoying Orange Through Time 3 is the third episode of the Through Time series, the thirty-fifth episode of Season 3 and the ninety-second episode of the entire series. It also has an extended version available at


Around 1200 BC= Trojan Horse Siege

1969= Lunar Flag Assembly

1775= George Washington Chops Down Cherry Tree

Around 1400= Orange Spits Seed At Tower Of Pisa Causing Him To Lean

Around 300 AD= The Great Sphynx Of Giza Loses Its Nose


Annoying Orange - Through Time 301:34

Annoying Orange - Through Time 3

"Annoying Orange Through Time 3"
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This the 3rd orange through time episode.

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