Announcer: Orange Through Time!

(Orange laughs)

Orange: Hey! Hey, Trojan!

Trojan: Yes?

Orange: Trojan! Hey, Trojan!

Trojan: What?

Orange: Horse.

Trojan: Ba-ha, 'tis but a pony. (screams while a horse runs over him)

Orange: Hey! Hey, Crater Face! Hey, Crater Face! Over here!

Moon: WHAT? What is it?

Orange: Flag.

(scene zooms in)

Neil Armstrong: Yeah! (Puts the American flag on the moon's eye, stabbing him while he screams) America!

Orange: Whoa! There really is a man on the moon. (Laughs) Hey! Hey, Cherry! Hey, Cherry, hey!

Cherry: What? What do you want?

Orange: George Washington.

(George cuts the tree while cherries scream, and the tree tumbles over)

George Washington: I cannot tell a lie. I need a new set of dentures! (His old dentures shine)

Orange: Hey! Hey, Tower of Pizza, hey!

Leaning Tower of Pisa: (in Italian voice) It's-a-not-a-Pizza. It's-a-Pisa!

Orange: Hey! Tower of Pizza, got any pepperoni? (laughs while Tower groans) Hey! Hey, Tower of Pizza, hey!

Leaning Tower of Pisa: What? What-a-now?

Orange: Can you do this? (hacks, spits seed at the bottom right of the corner, causing the Tower to lean)

Leaning Tower of Pisa: (yells) You fool! (continues yelling)

Orange: Woah! Looks like Tower of Pizza is on a "lean" diet. (laughs) Hey! Hey, Pharaoh! Hey, Pharaoh! Hey!

Pharaoh: Not now.

Orange: Pharaoh! Hey! Hey, Pharaoh!

Pharaoh: (groans) What is it?

Orange: Nose.

Pharaoh: Huh? (the Sphinx's nose falls on Pharaoh) Ah-!

Orange: Woah! Looks like Sphinx needs a nose job. (laughs)

Sphinx: I guess that makes two of us. (both laugh)

Orange: Motorboat?

Sphinx: Sure! (both fluttering lips)

Announcer: Orange Through Time!

Orange: (laughs)

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