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We currently have 1,917 English articles since our launch in January 2010 and 103,065 total contributions have been made.

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Welcome to the August 2013 issue of the Annoying Orange Wiki News!

Please note this is QueenZeppelin's first and only issue.


  • Bryce53 II, Bryce53-alt, and X2 were globally disabled. Later on, Bryce's account was globally disabled for a year due to suspected sockpuppeteering (although he doesn't care).
  • In doing, he blocked himself, leaving leaderboard spot shifts (see below).
  • Keiren has become a bureaucrat!
  • Darkapple has became an admin (and is now ranked 9 on the leaderboared) despite not long ago having an indefinite block.
  • The wiki has become abandoned but Keiren and Darkapple are working on it

Leaderboard News

  • The leaderboard has been disabled due to several vandals spamming their way up the leaderboard.


The recent categories added on pages are pushing the limits for our category policy; if this cannot be refrained, the administrators can prevent such users from participating

here. We really don't want to do that at all; losing our community would not build up to a stellar wiki.


Wikia Labs

The poll has been selected, and other than the editor redesign and comments, both which have been removed, and Chat, which was not in Wikia Labs yet, everything was kept.

Featured Content

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New Bureaucrat

Our poll for the next bureaucrat has been set, but there will be no new bureaucrat until further notice. But this will not prevent anyone from voting for a future one!

New Main Page

The new main page is still being constantly improved; any registered user can share their suggestion(s) to improve the main page on the talk page.

Miscellaneous Information

Please, when you have time, visit this page and revert or undo blatant vandalism. Report any vandal to be blocked if you are a normal contributor.
  • Please read the Manual of Style whenever you have time, even if you have already read it.
  • Please do not add copyrighted content to pages; this can result in you being blocked from editing.
  • Please do not recreate incongruous versions of already existent pages under a different name. This is known as vandalism, and will result in you having your editing privileges revoked. If you wish to experiment, please visit the vandalism wiki.

Our new Chat feature is welcome for anyone to use! Got a quick question? Just want to say hi? Talk with other Annoying Orange Wiki users in our live chat!

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None of our articles meet our secretive featured article criteria at this time. No poll will be set for this month. Please continue to edit articles so we can have candidates for next month.

Featured User

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The poll was created at 20:56 on December 5, 2011, and so far 927 people voted.

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  • An asterisk (*) indicates that the user is a bureaucrat
  • A 1 indicates that the user is inactive
  • A R indicates that the user has retired from editing

List of administrators

About Us

Annoying Orange Wiki was launched in January 2010 by KooKooManGuy. At that time, the wiki was relatively small, garnering only a few more contributors. While the wiki was being started, there was only one thing in mind: making the best, most reliable, and cleanest reference source about The Annoying Orange. The Wiki started to grow drastically when Danny, the wiki's special and smart user, and Bryce, started to contribute. Because of their participation, the wiki's persistent vandalism and spam has been erasing quicker and easier. Please help the wiki by cleaning up vandalism and building up stubs. Thank you for your participation!

Featured content

Featured Article of the Month

The Annoying Orange is the pilot episode of the Annoying Orange series. As of April 2011, the first video received more than 57 million views. The re-upload on Orange's own channel received more than 5 million views, which adds up to over 62 million total views. The episode marks the first appearance of main characters Orange and Pear.

The episode was intended to be only a video for Dane Boedigheimer's channel, but since this episode became very popular, he decided to make an Annoying Orange series. The video was uploaded on October 9, 2009 on Boedigheimer's channel, and was reuploaded to the realannoyingorange channel on February 15, 2010. Read more...

Featured User of the Month

Spidey665 is a former user that has been globally blocked on Wikia. He has been nominated for featured user here, for his great contributions.

Featured Image of the Month

Kitchen Carnage

The official promotion picture for Kitchen Carnage.

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  • Want the Annoying Orange in an Answers site to use to ask questions related to the Annoying Orange? See Annoying Orange Answers!

Messages from admins

  • I am Knife!, one of the most well-known admins on this wiki. I may be inactive whilst working on a wiki that shall not be named but if any vandals are seen they will be punished severely. I am really strict, but enough about that. This wiki is a great asset to Wikia but vandals ruined it upon the downfall of Bryce and Spidey, we are still rebuilding this wiki, have a heart, vandalize some other wiki.
  • I am Darkapple, once a less known admin, but due to the dowfall of 86 percent of the admins, I am one of the few left. I miss the admins blocked for no reason, I was good friends with spidey, but I don't know what he's up to any more. Anyway, I may be inactive for long periods of time, but I always come back. I will help none vandalisers, and block vandils.
  • I am Brainulator9, and I will create a blog explaining my inactivity. I have not retired, in case you are wondering.
  • I am Spidey665, a formerly well known admin and bureaucrat on this wiki now known by my current alias QueenZeppelin and I'm here to just tell you about why I no longer am on this wiki. Aside from the global blocks that my great friend Bryce and I recieved almost TWO YEARS ago, ever since 2012 I have lost ALL INTREST in Annoying Orange whatsoever. You'll find me editing on the MLP:FiM wiki because I am a brony and my interests are now in My Little Pony.

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