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Annoying Orange Wiki News

Welcome to the January 2015 issue of the Annoying Orange Wiki News!

  • Hello, contributors. Happy New Year to you all, and happy 5th anniversary to this wiki. I understand that this may not be the best news to start our year off with, but I'm thinking of quitting. Now before you go crazy, please finish reading this message! I haven't completely considered on whether to do this or not, but as we all know, this wiki is in pretty bad shape, and if things don't pick up soon, I'm going to have to quit. Because this is too much. I have many new years resolutions this year (which I won't go into much detail with), but one of them was to quit the wiki. Now again, if things do better and if order is restored, I will stay for a bit of a longer period of time. But, if this is the way things are going to stay, clearly it is too much for me to handle. To all of the administrators that are still here, please, do your best to try and get the other ones back in here. It's bad enough that I am responsible for the driving away of one of the only ones here who knows what in Sam hell they're doing around here! In case you're wondering, it was Neo Theta. If you have any rotten tomatoes, I suggest that you throw them at me now (go ahead, Nerville sells them for a reasonably low price). But seriously, I highly recommend that everybody follows every step in his plan (except for the one about putting minor characters' pages into one). But everything else is IMPERATIVE to the help and full function of this wiki. Come on, people, think of the children (just kidding, that has nothing to do with this). But seriously, if something isn't done, people will become less and less aware of this wiki downfall and it may come to a point where nothing will ever be done! Neo Theta, if you're reading this, I'm telling you again: I was WRONG to turn you away! I didn't know what in God's name I was doing. And now look where it got us! A big part of this is my fault (and the rest is because of the other rookies who think that they know what they're doing but are really $*^&@#% things up). Since you bothered to read down this far, I will still be around for at least another week, but if things don't get better, than like I said, I'm going to have to leave. Here's a list of characters and items that still need pages. We would greatly appreciate if you contribute. - Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz


Leaderboard News


The recent categories added on pages are pushing the limits for our category policy; if this cannot be refrained, the administrators can prevent such users from participating here. We really don't want to do that at all; losing our community would not build up to a stellar wiki.


Wikia Labs

The poll has been selected, and other than the editor redesign and comments, both which have been removed, and Chat, which was not in Wikia Labs yet, everything was kept.

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New Bureaucrat

Our poll for the next bureaucrat has been set, but there will be no new bureaucrat until further notice. But this will not prevent anyone from voting for a future one!

New Main Page

The new main page is still being constantly improved; any registered user can share their suggestion(s) to improve the main page on the talk page.

Miscellaneous Information

Please, when you have time, visit this page and revert or undo blatant vandalism. Report any vandal to be blocked if you are a normal contributor.
  • Please read the Manual of Style whenever you have time, even if you have already read it.
  • Please do not add copyrighted content to pages; this can result in you being blocked from editing.
  • Please do not recreate incongruous versions of already existent pages under a different name. This is known as vandalism, and will result in you having your editing privileges revoked. If you wish to experiment, please visit the vandalism wiki.

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  • A 1 indicates that the user is inactive
  • A R indicates that the user has retired from editing

About Us

Annoying Orange Wiki was launched in January 2010 by KooKooManGuy. At that time, the wiki was relatively small, garnering only a few more contributors. While the wiki was being started, there was only one thing in mind: making the best, most reliable, and cleanest reference source about The Annoying Orange. The Wiki started to grow drastically when Danny, the wiki's special and smart user, and Bryce, started to contribute. Because of their participation, the wiki's persistent vandalism and spam has been erasing quicker and easier. Please help the wiki by cleaning up vandalism and building up stubs. Thank you for your participation!

Featured Content

The following includes content from the wiki that was featured for the month of January, 2015.

Featured Article of the Month


The Annoying Orange

The Annoying Orange is one of YouTube's most popular web series. It was created by Minnesota film student, Dane Boedigheimer (under the pseudonym Daneboe) and his company, Gagfilms. The series originally started out as one video, but because of its growing popularity, Boedigheimer had begun making more videos, and Annoying Orange eventually became a successful web show, which has also launched it's own television series. The first videos were uploaded under Boedigheimer's YouTube channel daneboe, but then Boedigheimer created a channel dedicated to Orange. As of 2011, the channel is ranked the 8th most subscribed, and the 35th most viewed, of all time. More than 2,000,000 YouTubers have subscribed to Orange's channel.

Featured User of the Month

Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz is the newest administrator on Annoying Orange Wiki and is one of the most active. Considering how behind this wiki is, and how many characters and episodes in the series that are still in need of an article, Zizzer is trying his best to update the wiki, but needs help. It takes way more than one man to finish the job.

Featured Image of the Month

Ao orange 174x252

A self portrait of the series' main character, Orange.

Wiki Rules

  1. Do not vandalize pages. You will get a warning and might get blocked if you continue. If you wish to experiment, please visit the Vandalism Wiki.
  2. Do not spam the comment area.
  3. Do not claim your an admin or bureaucrat if you have not earned the position already.
  4. Do not add any false content on this wiki. If you want to add any fictional content, visit the Fanon Wiki.
  5. Do not add any false information on pages.
  6. Do not be threaten or harass other users. This will result in the the offending user getting blocked.
  7. Do not add images to pictures that are not related to the page.
  8. Do not edit others users' pages.
  9. Do not request an admin to unblock a user. You may get blocked if you continue to do this.
  10. Do not request an admin to give you badges.
  11. Only plausible Annoying Orange content that have been officially created by Dane Boedigheimer himself are allowed here. (see rule 5 also)

Messages from Admins

  • Guten tag. I am Neo Theta. Just contribute however you see fit, as long as it's helpful. And do try not to make me angry.
  • I am Knife!, one of the most well-known admins on this wiki. I may be inactive whilst working on a wiki that shall not be named but if any vandals are seen they will be punished severely. I am really strict, but enough about that. This wiki is a great asset to Wikia but vandals ruined it upon the downfall of Bryce and Spidey, we are still rebuilding this wiki, have a heart, vandalize some other wiki.
  • I am Darkapple, once a less known admin, but due to the downfall of 86 percent of the admins, I am one of the few left. I miss the admins blocked for no reason, I was good friends with Spidey, but I don't know what he's up to any more. Anyway, I may be inactive for long periods of time, but I always come back. I will help non-vandals and block vandals.
  • I am Brainulator9, and I will create a blog explaining my inactivity. I have not retired, in case you are wondering.
  • I am Spidey665, a formerly well known admin and bureaucrat on this wiki now known by my current alias QueenZeppelin and I'm here to just tell you about why I no longer am on this wiki. Aside from the global blocks that my great friend Bryce and I received almost TWO YEARS ago, ever since 2012 I have lost ALL INTEREST in Annoying Orange whatsoever. You'll find me editing on the MLP:FiM wiki because I am a brony and my interests are now in My Little Pony.
  • I am Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz. I am the newest administrator on this wiki. I am basically here to add up-to-date information on this wiki to keep it accurate. Please remember to follow the basic rules and guidelines that are listed above. Special thanks to Neo Theta for promoting me.

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