(A black background with words reading, "Thanks to the fans for choosing who Orange annoys this week. Who will he annoy next?" Orange is heard.) Orange: Hey, Apple! Hey, Apple! Hey, hey, Apple! Hey!

(The scene cuts to Apple, who is actually an Apple iPhone)

Apple: Is there something I can help you with, Orange?

Orange: You're funny looking! (laughs)

Apple: Yes, you keep saying that.

Orange: Hey, hey, Apple!

Apple: Yes?

Orange: Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

Apple: Uh.......

Orange: Like this! (Sticks out his tougue)

Apple: Point of fact, Orange, you don't have a nose.

Orange: You're not trying! (He sticks his tongue out again)

Apple: I don't have a nose, either!

Orange: C'mon! It's fun! (He sticks his tongue out for the third time)

Apple: Quit it!

Orange: You're no fun! I bet you can't do anything cool!

Apple: Well, sure I can! I can do all kinds of things. I can tell our exact GPS corrindates at this-

Orange: Boring! Hey, hey, Apple! I bet you can't spit orange juice! (He hocks and spits orange juice at Apple)

Apple: Hey! Don't do that! My warranty's almost up!

Orange: (Laughs) Still bored!

iPhone: I can help you do your taxes.

Orange: Snoresville, USA. Population: Apple. (Laughs)

Apple: Well, how about I show you my extensive music collection?

Orange: Because it's boring?

Apple: I have ABBA.

Orange: Your music sucks.

Apple: Would you like to hear some Nickelback?

Orange: I can make much better music! La-la-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la!

Apple: Please stop that.

(Orange sings more)

Apple: That's really annoying!

Orange: La la la la la la la la la la la la la!

Apple: STOP IT!!

(Orange laughs)

Apple: You know what I can do? I can autotune you and make you less annoying!

Orange: Uh-uh! No, you can't.

(Apple autotunes Orange)

Orange: (laughing) That's awesome! Do this, do this! La la la la la la La... Hey!

(Apple autotunes Orange with his (Orange's) song)

Orange: (Laughs) Whoa! You're pretty awesome, Apple!

Apple: Well, thank you.

Orange: But you still can't spit orange juice! (spits orange juice at Apple)

Apple: (groans) Dude, you're getting juice in my electronics!

Orange: Whoops! (laughing)

(Apple overheats as he groans)

Orange: Uh-oh.

Apple: What, Orange?

Orange: Do you smell that?

Apple: I told you, Orange, we don't have noses!

Orange: Smells like.........smoke.

Apple: The only thing I smell is-(shortcuts) Uh-oh! [1]Apple short circuiting from the Orange Juice.(Apple shortcircuits and falls over dead) [2]Apple after short-circuitingOrange: Apple? Apple? Oh! I liked Apple, too. Oh well. Hey, Blackberry!

Blackberry (Phone ): Uh, not right now, man. My battery is seriously low.

Orange: No, not you! You!

Blackberry (fruit): Hey, Orange! What's going on?

Orange: Knife!

(Dane Boedigheimer cuts Blackberry in half with Knife as he (Blackberry) screams)

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