• Near the end of the episode, there is a hidden message: "If you saw this, type: "CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in the comments".
  • This is the 3rd time Liam the Leprechaun appears, but it is the first time with a minor role. The first time Liam the Leprechaun appears is Luck o' the Irish and the second time is Annoying Orange vs. FRED!!!
  • Midget Apple appears to be a normal sized apple, and Marshmallow is bigger than in other episodes.
  • This episode is both a parody of Charlie the Unicorn and Double Rainbow.
  • When Charlie says "right in the other kidney", he is referring to the time he had his kidney stolen in the first episode of his own series.
  • Marshmallow, Midget Apple, Orange and Pear all make their tongue noises.
  • Pear makes his inaccurate tongue noise from Annoying Pear.

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