"Annoying Orange vs Angry Birds"
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Characters: Orange, Pear, Passion Fruit, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Grapefruit, Grandpa Lemon, Zoom (website only), Bad Piggies, Red
Airdate: October 7, 2011
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"Microwave Effect"

Annoying Orange vs Angry Birds was an interactive video in Annoying Orange series. Orange and the gang (with a mystery guest) go to play Angry Birds.


  1. Marshmallow - PUPPIES!
  2. Orange - 999,999,999
  3. Zoom - 564,798,460
  4. Midget Apple - 99,857,000
  5. Grapefruit - 29,500,500
  6. Pear - 9,856,400
  7. Grandpa Lemon - 8,745,600
  8. Passion Fruit - 7,568,523

Each Food's Way of Attacking the pigs


Orange gets on the slingshot, and only lands on the roof of the pigs. He starts off talking to them with his puns, then he wants to play motorboat with them, which causes the structure to break down. Then Orange continues to motorboat. Orange's final score was 999,999,999.


Pear refuses because he thinks it's dangerous for pears. Orange makes him get on there, and then Pear lands on the roof. Orange spits seeds at the pigs' structure to finish it off. Pear's final score was 9,856,400.

Passion Fruit

Passion is confident into doing it because she is a black belt. Passion then jumps on the roof multiple times, which causes it to break down. Passion's final score was 7,568,523.

Midget Apple

Once again, Orange teases Midget Apple about being small, and being to small to do it. Midget Apple is shot backwards, but it just turns out that Midget Apple runs the pigs over with his huge truck. Midget Apple's final score was 99,857,000.


Marshmallow gets really excited about shooting at the pigs. He asks the pigs if they could be friends with him, but the pigs apparently refuse, so Marshmallow gets angry and blows, which causes destruction. Then a rainbow forms after that. Marshmallow's final score was way off the charts, it was PUPPIES!

Grandpa Lemon

Grandpa Lemon does not know how the slingshot works, which he mishears as a caterpillar(it was said as "catapult"). Grandpa Lemon falls asleep before he could shoot at the pigs. He dreams about a chainsaw, which falls on the pigs' structure. Grandpa Lemon didn't know what went on, though. Grandpa Lemon's final score was 8,745,600.


Grapefruit tries to shoot at the pigs, but the slingshot breaks, causing him to fall to the ground and have a score of -500. So instead, Grapefruit releases the kraken, to which a kraken comes out of the ground to destroy the pigs' structure. Grapefruit's final score was 29,500,500.


As a mystery guest in the website, Zoom acts like a rocket to kill the pigs. Zoom's final score was 564,798,460.


Annoying Orange vs Angry Birds01:22

Annoying Orange vs Angry Birds

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