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"What? What? What is it?"
-Apple, The Annoying Orange
First Apple
Gender Male
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Death Knifed twice (revived)
First Appearance The Annoying Orange

Apple is a character who appeared in The Annoying OrangeMicrowave Effect, and Crappy Captioned. Because he is one of the most illustrious characters of the series, his death left a significant legacy from then on. He was portrayed by Dane Boedigheimer.


The character is depicted as an anthropomorphic red apple. He is one of Orange's friends, as referenced in the episode's description.


The Annoying Orange

Apple appears in The Annoying Orange, where he is seen being annoyed by Orange when he constantly says, “Hey, Apple!”. Orange then proceeded to crack jokes and puns, and babbling his tongue at Apple until he eventually loses his temper and tells him to be quiet. After few seconds of silence, Orange then warns Apple about Knife, who then appeared and sliced Apple to death. After being cut up, he was carried away by Dane Boedigheimer, possibly to be eaten.

Annoying Orange: Microwave Effect

In the episode "Microwave Effect ", Orange, Pear, Midget Apple and Marshmallow go back in time to the first episode (which is obviously re-filmed, as when as their speech were different (as they went back in time) and contains no archive footage). They alter history when Pear accidentally tells Apple that he will be knifed (while warning Orange not to change the past). After the future group vanish, the past Orange is about to tell Apple he's gonna get knifed. Scared, Apple avoids knife. Three years later, the group arrive back to the present and discover Grapefruit, Grandpa Lemon and Passion Fruit enslaved by a group of apples led by Apple. King Apple's police force (Roboapple) orders the newcomers to put their hands in the air. Apple (who is now "King Apple") orders him to fire at will. Fortunately, Burrito (controlling the microwave time machine) sends the group back to the past a moment after they left. Past Orange and Present Orange distract Apple until he gets knifed. The future group then leave (although the timeline remains altered by the fact that there are several Pears in the end of the episode instead of one as originally, there is no reason given why).



Main article: Orange

On a side, Orange likes Apple, but Apple doesn't seem to like Orange as a friend. Actually, it has been seen in the TV show Apple hates Orange, even wanting him to die but having no guilt of that feeling. He even tried to kill Orange by kicking him off the counter, somehow helping him.


Main article: Knife

Knife made his debut appearance as an inanimate murder weapon in The Annoying Orange. Knife quartered Apple, killing him.  Apple obviously doesn't like Knife, because Knife killed him.


Main article: Pear

Pear was possibly Apple's friend, but is unknown as Pear was not seen until after Apple died.

Dane Boedigheimer

Main article: Dane Boedigheimer

After Apple was killed by Knife, Boedigheimer took the sliced remains of Apple and Knife away, and possibly ate Apple after the episode.


  • "What? What? What is it?!
  • "Yeah, that joke was funny the first four hundred times you said it."
  • (sarcastically) "Yeah, that was hilarious."
  • "What!?!?"
  • (confused) "What kind of question is that? I don't even have arms; how am I going to do one push-up?"
  • "No, stop it!"
  • "Okay, you've made your point! Stop it....."
  • "Would you please be quiet?!"
  • "For crying out loud, would you stop yammering for longer than three seconds? I can't even hear myself think!" (grunts)


Apple in the beginning of the Annoying Orange TV Show opening (proving that he is still alive)
Despite being killed in his first appearance, Apple is mentioned many times later in the series. Apple is mentioned in the followed episodes:


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