Gender Male
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Death None
First Appearance Wazzup!

The Bananas are a pair of ripening bananas that are supporting characters of The Annoying Orange. They are most well-known for their first appearance in Wazzup!. They, along with Orange, Kiwi and Apple joined in after Lemon had started the "Wazzup!" chain. This ends when the other Apple is sliced in two, prompting him and everyone else to scream, in which they start to act like it never happened. Their third twin is a playable character in Kitchen Carnage.



Bananas in video game format

  • "Just hangin' around with my bud."
  • "Yo, what's up?"
  • "Yo, that's Lemon!"
  • "Hey, Kiwi!"
  • "Wazzzuuuuuuup!!!"
  • "Aaaahhhh!"

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