Gender Male
Played by Robert Jennings
Death None, but crashed into a wall
First Appearance The Juice 4: BatPan & Robinero

BatPan, along with his sidekick, Robinero Sauce, are supporting characters of The Annoying Orange. He first appeared in The Juice 4: BatPan & Robinero. Orange had summoned him by using his theme song only because he had the theme song stuck in his head. BatPan advised him that if you repeatedly sing the song stuck in your head it would eventually recede. He later appeared in Ask Orange 11: Flappy Bird Returns singing his theme song along with Orange and Robinero. He made another appearance in Ask Orange 16: Screaming Rainbow! being prank called by Orange. Orange told BatPan that his refrigerator was running, and was probably hanging out with Rachel. BatPan then rushed out of his lair to chase the "running refrigerator", and ran into a wall.

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