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Broccoli Minions
Broccoli minion
Gender Male
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Death Eaten by the Halloweenie
First Appearance Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind

The Broccoli Minions were alien-like assistants of Broccoli Leader aboard the ship. They were very loyal towards the Broccoli Leader, however, after the Broccoli Leader's death, they appeared to be overjoyed. In which case, made Orange their new leader and carved his face in the Moon (which Orange said was Onion) for him. One broccoli minion returned in the Halloween special Frankenfruit, being the right leg for the horrifying Frankenfruit. This minion eventually died in the Halloweenie attack.


  • There voices are very similar to Midget Apple's.
  • One of the minions reappears as the left shin of Frankenfruit.
  • That minion was the second character to not die in his first appearance, but die in his second. The first was Grapefruit's Mailman.
  • The Minions are the second characters have one eye bigger than the other; similar to Tomato (who was the first although it was a production error). However, this one was done on purpose, and is much more noticeable.
  • It is unknown why a Broccoli minion appeared in Frankenfruit, since no minion died in the events of Annoying Orange: Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind.


  • "Ah, the specimens are conscious."
  • "Welcome to space, Earthlings."
  • "Quiet."
  • "Silence, the leader approaches."
  • "What? No, I said "leader"".
  • "The leader is, no more."
  • "No more?"
  • "No more."
  • "Long live... our new leader!"
  • "Yay!"
  • "What are your thoughts, new leader?"

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