{{Character |Color = Gold |Name = Cantaloupe |Image = CantaloupeSam |First Appearance = The Amnesiac Orange |Portrayer = Robert Jennings |Gender = Male |Death = Crushed by tanks (revived), squashed by gavel (revived again), knifed Cantaloupe is a supporting characer of The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange and The Annoying Orange. His first appearance was in The Amnesiac Orange. He was seen being annoying by Orange until he decided to take off with his fiancée, Balloon. However, Balloon had popped due to Cantaloupe's weight and he had landed on Orange, giving him amnesia. He was later seen on the floor with Midget Apple, after he had taken a blow to the head. Since then, he has made many appearances in early episodes of The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange's first season. He also appeared in Symphony Number Ate, being knifed as part of the symphony's knife sequence.


  • (growls)
  • "We are in love, and there's nothing you can do about it. Nothing!"
  • "I'm the king of world! King of the world! Woohoo!"
  • "That is not good. Aaaaahhhhh!"
  • "Hey, hey, little guy, are you okay? Talk to me, brother!"
  • "That's it! I'm outta here! Let's go Baby Doll!"


  • Cantaloupe is the first character played by Robert Jennings who has big and wide eyes, unlike Grapefruit and Ginger who have narrow and slit-like eyes.
  • Cantaloupe was not killed in this episode, but his possible girlfriend Balloon died and he suffered a minor concussion as a result of crashing onto Orange and then the kitchen floor.
  • Cantaloupe is on Twitter.
  • He is the first cantaloupe to appear.
  • He is the first character in season three.
  • His name is never mentioned in the episode.
  • A cantaloupe look-alike appears in the game Kitchen Carnage, it also could be possibly him.
  • He is seen as a cameo in The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange episode Bad News Pears.
  • While playing Splatter Up, Grapefruit said that Cantaloupe was his cousin.


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