AO Carrot 2
Gender Male
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Death Eaten by the Halloweenie
First Appearance Frankenfruit

Carrot is a character that only appeared in Frankenfruit. He told spooky stories to the gang. He was then later taken and turned into an arm for Frankenfruit. The other Carrot appeared as the other arm.


  • Despite Frankenfruit having Carrot as his arm, his face does not appear.
  • Carrot only said two lines, one was when he said "Yes" along with Midget Apple, Gourd and Yellow Pepper, and the other was when Pear asked about skipping Orange's story, the next line was "Ew, gross" after Orange farted.
  • His voice is somewhat similar to the Orange from Season 2.
  • If the viewer looks closely at the Halloweenie attack, one of the carrots escapes and survives. It means that he or the other carrot could appear in a future episode.
  • Since there was only one of him that means the other Carrot used for Frankenfruit was the one from Muddy Buddy.
  • He was the first kidnapped in the Frankenfruit episode

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