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Corn Cobs
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Gender Males
Played by The Fine Bros
Death Buttered and eaten by Justin Bieber (revived), crushed by tanks (revived again), died in explosion (revived again)
First Appearance Orange Goes Hollywood

The Corn Cobs (more commonly known as The Cobs) are recurring characters of The Annoying Orange. They first starred as the main antagonists of the episode Orange Goes Hollywood. They had wanted to make Orange a movie star, but were attempting to change him beyond recognition. They eventually were buttered and eaten alive. They have appeared in many episodes after that (a few examples being the Annoying Orange Comedy Roast!, The Weenies, 2 BILLION VIEWS! and The Marshmallow Show 6: WEIRD AL).


  • They are the second group of corn cobs that had occupation as co-producers for movies (the first being Cob).
  • They look similiar like Cob