Gender Male
Played by Kassem G. Bobjenz (in 1,000 Degree Knife)
Death Knifed (revived), eaten by Halloweenie (revived again), crushed by tanks (revived again), died in explosion (revived again), Knifed by 1,000 Degree Knife (revived)
First Appearance Cruel as a Cucumber

Cucumber (also known as Vin Deisel's Cucumber) is a supporting character of The Annoying Orange. He is a laid-back, cool cucumber who Orange thinks is very cool. Orange tries to impress him so he can befriend him in Cruel as a Cucumber. Cucumber is later killed by Knife. He later appears in the episode Frankenfruit as the left leg of of Frankenfruit. He wasn't wearing his jacket nor his jewels. He was then killed along with most of the other parts of Frankenfruit by the Halloweenie. In Annoying Orange: Comedy Roast!, he was in the audience. In the Weenies, he was in the audience again. In 2 BILLION VIEWS! he was seen thanking the viewers. He made a cameo in the The Marshmallow Show 5: Mikey Bolts where he was in the Random Dance Break moment along with the Juice Boxes and the Broccoli Dancers, and also reappeared in the Marshmallow Show #9: HANNAH HART. He made a cameo in the 1,000 Degree Knife episode where he is killed again by the Knife.


  • "Yeah, we're cool."
  • "Cool."
  • "Oh yeah, we are coolio."
  • "Yo, Orange? You okay, man?"
  • "Oh my god! What's happening?!"
  • "Yeah, we are cool."
  • "Ohh yeah, we're cool."
  • "Aaaahhh!"
  • (whimpers)
  •  "Did somebody say cool?"
  •  " Aaahhh! "


  • He is the third character seen wearing sunglasses. The first is MysteryPotatoMan and the second is Evil Orange.
  • He reappeared in Frankenfruit as Frankenfruit's leg, although this time he was without the jacket, the necklace, and the tattoo. He retained his sunglasses though but he does not speak. He was then killed by the Halloweenie.
  • He appeared in a flashback in It Takes Two to Mango being knifed.
  • He was the third character Orange mourned by saying he liked him.
  • Cucumber is the third character to wear clothes. The first was Lady Pasta, second was Charlie (in Smosh canon).
  • He is the first cucumber that appeared in the series.