Cursed Onion Ring Tape is a special episode to do with the episode that aired along with The Onion Ring. Unlike the ring when you die in 7 days from a voice on the phone, you will get a phonecall from Orange announcing that the viewer is an onion ring in seven days. If you didn't send it to 5 people, you would become an onion ring!
The Cursed Onion Ring Tape01:09

The Cursed Onion Ring Tape

Watch at your own risk!

This is the video tape as seen in the episode. Bobjenz's dog ate the onion rings.


  • Orange: I'm hungry! (Eating) Hey, it's see-food! (laughs)
  • Orange: Hey! Hey, Onion!
  • Onion: What?
  • Orange: Knife!
  • Onion: (Screaming)
  • Orange: (Laughing)
  • Big Papi: (barking)
  • Orange: (Sings & choked up and coughs)
  • All Oranges: (Laughing)
  • Orange: Hey, how am I supposed to climb this?
  • Orange (in well): (Laughing)

Differences from The Ring

  • An Onion ring is in place of the well entrance.
  • There's a shot of Knife.
  • The circular mirror shows Orange wanting food, it then pans to another mirror with an onion ring and it pans back to Orange eating it, he then makes a pun on the ring and the mirror falls down and crashes into pieces.
  • Orange talks to an Onion who is then shortly knifed and put back together, Orange then laughs at him.
  • Big Papi is seen barking.
  • Orange is lalaling by the oceanic cliffside and a fly then flies into his mouth causing him to cough.
  • A tree can be seen with several Oranges laughing.
  • Orange is at the bottom of the long ladder, asking how he's supposed to climb it.
  • An Onion Ring on the wall with a face appears and starts screaming.
  • There is a shot of the well with Orange laughing.

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