Gender Male
Played by Robert Jennings (Random Cuts 02), Dane Boedigheimer (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turnips)
Death None, but nearly sliced by The Cheddar
First Appearance Random Cuts 02

Donatello the Turnip is one of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turnips. He, like the rest, first appeared in Random Cuts 02 receiving unfortunate news from a pumpkin executive that their show was going to be cancelled by AO TV. However, their first episode had aired on the Annoying Orange channel on the 17th of January in 2014, about 5 months after this news was given. The reason for this is debatable, it could have been a reboot or relaunch; the true reason is unknown. He and the other Turnips appear in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turnips, which was their first episode. They were then seen in their dojo, overjoyed about their new superpowers. Leonardo was baffled by how they had transitioned from normal turnips to ninjas during a radioactive Slurpee spill. Donatello claimed that he would have started drinking radioactive Slurpees much prior to the accident, had he known their full capabilities. However, they were alerted by Orange that there was trouble on the surface. Michelangelo had then pointed out that they hadn't been to the surface during their lifetime. They soon emerged to the surface to find The Cheddar, along with his assistants, Peapod and Stalksteady, terrorizing the city for no apparent reason. At this point, Michelangelo began thinking of alternative catchphrases to "cowabunga", considering that Raphael persistently but constructively criticized his attempts. Donatello, completely unaware of his actions due to his eyes still adjusting to the light, had sliced right through Peapod and Stalksteady (but remained unaware). All 4 of the turnips began to surround Cheddar, thinking he was unarmed. However, he was revealed to carry a spare weapon at all times. He then started to dominate all 4 turnips, making them think he was too powerful for them. At that moment, Donatello had remember Orange's advice and removed his close, exposing his mortifying unicorn undergarments. The Cheddar had explained his limited laundry options, before being picked up by Dane Boedigheimer and grated into a pizza. April O'Peele then began congratulating them on rescuing the city and it's citizens. Michelangelo then began attempting to form another alternative catchphrase, frustrating the other three turnips.


  • During their debut, Donatello was the first to come up with the catchphrase "cowabunga", as opposed to Michelangelo.
  • In Random Cuts 02, he uses the phrase "cowabunga" in the bad situation that was the news of the Turnips' show's cancellation, and Leonardo corrects him by saying, "Not 'cowabunga', Donatello". This is something that Michelangelo of the actual Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise would normally do, rather than Donatello.