Gender Male
Played by Tobuscus
Death Rolled up by a rolling pin, baked in the oven, knifed, toasted, knifed again, and eaten by Dane Boedigheimer
First Appearance Rolling in the Dough

Dough (later known as Loaf, and then as Heel) was a character who only appeared in Rolling in the Dough. He was seen being annoyed by Orange through the entire process of baking bread, in addition being toasted.




Dough in a bread pan

Dough first appeared in the beginning of the episode being dropped on a wooden cutting board. He was seen being annoyed by Orange and being mistaken for Jabba the Hutt until he was flattened by a rolling pin, put in a bread pan, and baked.


AO Loaf

Dough as a loaf of bread

Dough had emerged out of the oven as a loaf of bread on the same cutting board. He was seen in a much better mood talking to Orange and befriending him. However, Loaf's pleasure didn't last long as he was sliced by a bread knife and put into the toaster.



Dough as a heel of toast

Loaf had returned as a heel of toast on a plate ready to be eaten by Dane Boedigheimer. Butter was seen being knifed by a butter knife and then being smeared on Heel immediately after. Heel is then knifed and taken away to be eaten.