Egg Roll
Egg Grill
Gender Male
Played by Robert Jennings
Death Eaten
First Appearance Fortune Cookie

Egg Roll was a character who only appeared in Fortune Cookie. He is one of the few characters who appeared on top of a maroon plate. Usually, a character will be placed directly on top of the counter. Egg Roll makes a few seconds of showtime, with Orange telling him jokes. Egg Roll was then taken away and eaten by Dane Boedigheimer off screen revealing Fortune Cookie behind him. He was played by Robert Jennings.


  • "I don't know, why?"
  • "Yeah, like I haven't heard that before."
  • "Whoa, hey, what's going on?" (screams while being eaten)


  • His death wasn't accompanied by drama, because it was not long before Fortune Cookie appeared.
  • He talks quite quickly like Zoom (as they are both voiced by Bobjenz).

Egg Roll being taken away, and then eaten

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