Elizabeth Eggplant
Gender Female
Played by Brittani Taylor
Death None
First Appearance Kitchen Intruder

Elizabeth Eggplant is a supporting character who only appeared in the Kitchen Intruder episodes. She is a news reporter for WBBK11, Mark's network.


Elizabeth Eggplant is an Eggplant who works as a news reporter and was reporting about the knife incident with Nancy Nectarine and Orange.

She appeared briefly in the full version of the Kitchen Intruder with an autotuned version of her voice being introduced into the song but she only said "The knife got away leaving behind evidence."


  • "And Mark, the victim tells us a knife tried to cut her in half. Her friend came in and tried to help her out, but the knife got away leaving behind though evidence of his visit. Nancy was fast asleep on her counter, minding her own business when..."
  • "Nearby the Annoying Orange went by and seized the attack, spitting seeds at the attacker but not before it was able to slice a kiwi and three limes."
  • "If you have any more information about this crime, you are urged to call the local police. Back to you, Mark."


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