Season 5 Name YouTube Summary Release Date
Askorange7 Ask Orange 7: FUS RO DAH! Orange is back and answers more of your questions!!! January 18, 2013
Orangethered Orange the Red Orange the Red, Pear Forkbeard, and the rest of the Viking-­‐fruit set sail to explore the arctic seas. When they crash into Greens-and, a barren head of iceberg lettuce populated by leprechauns, Orange is granted three wishes. But will he waste those wishes on willy-nilly wants? Or will he wise up and do away with the wisecracks? January 24, 2013
Yoyo Yo-Yo! Yo Yo Yo! It's Yo-Yo, Yo! HAHAHA!!! January 25, 2013
Orangebelt Orange Belt Tired of being beat up by Grapefruit, and desperate to win Passion Fruit's approval, Orange learns the ancient art of Carrot-te. But does Orange have the courage to fight for Passion's honor? Can he prove that he's the hero she's dreaming of? Will he finally defeat Grapefruit, and will he do it all for the glory of love? January 31, 2013
Orangeslender Annoying Orange Vs. Slender Orange searches for Slenderman's 8 pages...and annoys everyone in the process. February 1, 2013
Fruitrule When Fruit Ruled the Earth In the time of applesaurs and banandons, the cave-­‐man Nerville falls in love with a prehistoric babe. But when a Cro-­‐Magnon named Oog steals her away, Orange hatches a plan to help Nerville win back the cave-­‐woman of his dreams. February 7, 2013
Pickelback Pickleback The worst band in the world takes over the kitchen!!! Who can stop them!? February 8, 2013
Chocolateharlemshake Harlem Shake v9000 (Kitchen Edition) HEY! Can you do the Chocolate Harlem Shake!? HAHAHA! February 9, 2013
Popstar Pop Star Orange's terrible singing becomes a pop sensation with the wicked beat from a bag of microwave popcorn! But Popcorn gets cold feet when a Hollywood music mogul wants to sign the band to a huge recording deal and send them out on tour. Can they overcome their fears to find fame and fortune? Or will their rising stars fall short? February 14, 2013
Randomcuts1 Random Cuts 01 No description available. February 15, 2013
Orangepingpong Annoying Orange vs Pong Surprise Monday video! Orange invades the most exciting game ever created. February 18, 2013
Fastandfruitious The Fast and the Fruitious Fasten your seatbelts and start your engines for the First Annual Super Market Super Aisle Race! When an injury prevents Midget Apple from driving, Orange suits up to take the wheel. Can he survive the brutal and ruthless world of illegal street racing? Or will his rind get peeled by a bunch of French-Canadian cheeses? February 21, 2013
Theweenies The Weenies No description available. February 22, 2013
NoImageAvailable Subscribe Trailer SUSCRIBE NOW! HAHAHA! February 27, 2013
Transfruitbots Trans.Fruit.Bots Nerville invents an auto-botic cleaning machine, but the deceptive robot fuses with Nerville's body and takes control of his mind! Orange and the crew must roll out and wage battle to destroy the evil force. Can they defeat the robot and transform Nerville back into himself? Or is there more to this bot than meets the eye? February 28, 2013
Nomoremrknifeguy2 No More Mr. Knife Guy (Song Parody) Knife gets his very own song!!! March 1, 2013
Cheifexectutiveorange Chief Executive Orange Nerville gets into trouble with some loan sharks, so Orange gets an entry-level sales job to help him get out of debt. But who could have predicted Orange's unexpected and meteoric rise up the corporate ladder? And how will he handle his new-found responsibility? March 7, 2013
Popeyeyeah Popeye Yeah! Orange meets Papaya. Papaya gets annoyed. March 8, 2013
Meettheoranges Meet the Oranges When Orange's persnickety parents come to visit, he concocts an elaborate lie to convince them he's leading a successful life. But can the other fruit pull off the charade? Or will Orange's parents see through his façade? March 14, 2013
Annoyingorangeminecraft Annoying Orange Vs. Minecraft Hey! Hey Steve! HAHAHA! March 15, 2013
Fruitloose Fruit-loose Orange and his friends are shocked to learn that dancing has been banned in the produce section. But when a rug-cutting, rabble‐rousing strip of bacon shows up, everyone rallies around him to stage a protest. Can the new kid -- with some help from his fruity friends -- convince the authorities to let them have some good, clean fun? Or will his radical ideas land them all in produce prison? March 21, 2013
Annoyingmarshmallow Annoying Marshmallow Marshmallow is trying to be annoying? NICE TRY! HAHAHA! March 22, 2013
Annoyingorangeduckhunt Annoying Orange vs Duck Hunt Orange takes on a fowl situation. HA. Get it? FOWL? March 25, 2013
Mynameisorange My Name Is Orange When Orange is told he has only 24 hours to live, he decides to make amends with all his friends. But can he change his ways and come to peace with himself before heading off to the fruit cart in the sky? Or will his legacy be to leave his friends eternally annoyed? March 28, 2013
Aprilfoolsgold April Fool's Gold Orange plays some unusually mean pranks on the gang. March 29, 2013
Top5speedingticket Top 5 Ways To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket Sweet! No ticket! HAHAHA! April 5, 2013
Beuatyandabeet Beauty and a Beet All Orange needs is a Beet. Unfortunately they are getting killed..

Song coming to iTunes SOON!

April 12, 2013
Earthday Earth Day Woah! Mother Earth really has the world on her shoulders! HAHAHA! April 19, 2013
Ironappleteasertrailer Iron Apple Teaser Trailer COMING NEXT FRIDAY!!! April 26, 2013
Ironapple Iron Apple No description available. May 3, 2013
Askorange8 Ask Orange 8: Evil Robot Twin Exploding Seeds!? AAHHHH!!! May 10, 2013
Chooseyourvillain Despicable Me 2: Choose Your Villain! CLICK TO VOTE FOR A VILLAIN: May 15, 2013
Epictrailer EPIC TRAILER! (Season 2 on Cartoon Network 7:30/6:30c!!!) Tune in for the new season of the AO TV Show every Thursday at 7:30/6:30c!!! May 16, 2013
Littlefoodiecutie Little Foodie Cutie Who wants to be the next Little Foodie Cutie? Orange convinces Midget Apple he's adorable enough to win the title -- and a lifetime supply of whatever he wants! But they'll have to face off against the super- sweet pageant queen Honey Dew Dew. May 16, 2013
Thereturnofdrbananas Honey I Shrunk The Fruits Dr. Bananas returns to the kitchen and shrinks the gang Will they return to their proper fruit sizes!? WATCH NOW! May 17, 2013
Islandofdrfruitenstein Escape from the Island of Dr. Fruitenstein Who could pass up a free trip to Fruitastic Island? Apple brings all the other fruits along for some fun in the sun. But it seems they are walking straight into Dr. Fruitenstein's trap to create unholy fruit hybrids! May 23, 2013
Snackattack Snack Attack No description available. May 24, 2013
Orangesrun Orange's Run It's the year 3057 and life is perfect in the Fruit Dome. Orange works as a Compost Man, seizing runaway fruits who cannot face their fate of being recycled for the greater good. But when Orange discovers a gruesome truth he winds up on the wrong side of the law. May 30, 2013
Monstertrucked Monster Truck Hey Monsters! You've been... MONSTER TRUCKED!!! May 31, 2013
Marshmallowwedding Marshmallow Wedding Volcanoes, death, mayhem -- it's a wedding on Marshmalia! Marshmallow is forced into an arranged marriage to the hideous ravenous beast Grumblala, who might just eat all the guests before the ceremony is even over. But Orange has a plan to save the day! Yay! June 6, 2013
Bored BORED! No description available. June 7, 2013
Jamesorange Orange... James Orange Who can possibly stop the maniacal Dr. Po and his diabolical plot to thaw all the market's frozen foods?

One fruit has what it takes. Suave, sophisticated and annoying beyond belief -- he's Secret Agent Orange. And he's on a mission.

June 13, 2013
Blowbubbles Blow Bubbles By Daft Lunch DOWNLOAD THE SONG: June 14, 2013
Avocadotar Avocadotar Nerville is hurt that he's excluded from a fun fruity party. So he happily takes the sinister Broccoli Alien Overlord up on their offer to let him see life from the produce point of view. That entails leaving his human body in their cruciferous care -- what could go wrong? June 19, 2013
Despicablemetoo Despicable Me Too HEY! Check it out - I'm Despicable Me TOO! HAHAHA!

Buy Tickets to Despicable Me 2 NOW:

The winner of the Despicable Me Villain Vote is...PEARASITE! The devious super villain and his minions have kidnapped the Leaning Tower of Pizza, but Mighty Mega Mecha Apple and Dr. Apefruit aren't out of the picture just yet! Fortunately, Agent Orange has brought some very sweet backup.

June 21, 2013
Grapefruitdonkeykong Grapefruit vs. Donkey Kong Woah! Apefruit is a little ROUND for that ladder! HAHAHA! June 24, 2013
Manofpeel Man Of Peel SuperME! HAHAHA! June 26, 2013
Foodcarnival Food Carnival! The fruits enjoy a day of thrills in the carnival that Nerville built just for them. But when the rides start to malfunction, Orange and Passion find themselves trapped at the top of the Ferris wheel. Will they escape alive? And if they do, will Grapefruit ever stop making fun of them? June 26, 2013
Picnicmassacre Picnic Massacre WOAH! Who knew picnics were so horrifying!? Look out for the Yard Darts! HAHAHA! June 28, 2013
Chaineythechainsaw ORANGE APPROVED: Chainy The Chainsaw Chainy's a CUT above the rest! HAHAHA! July 1, 2013
Fruitdependenceday Fruitdependence Day It's a star-spangled crisis when the Broccoli Alien Overlord threatens to destroy every food monument on the planet -- including the world's biggest ball of spaghetti! The fruits must take to arms as Orange leads the charge to destroy the Broccoli Mothership. July 3, 2013
Nudedude Nude Dude WOAH! Apple's a Nude Dude!? July 5, 2013
Thejuice1 The Juice 1 Welcome to my new talk show THE JUICE! Ask The AO Gang Questions to answer in the next episode! July 8, 2013
Outoftheblue Out of the Blue HEY! Don't be BLUE! See Smurfs 2 in Theaters July 31

July 12, 2013
Everybodylovescabbage Everybody Loves Cabbage The fruits enjoy some silence for a change, as Orange is rendered mute after his wisdom teeth extraction. But he's the only one who realizes that their beloved friend Cabbage is actually a veggiekilling maniac! Will he be able to warn them all in time? July 17, 2013
ArnoldschwarzenEGGer Arnold SchwarzenEGGer It's not a rumor! We got Arnold SchwarzenEGGer on the show! HAHAHA! July 19, 2013
Orangemariokart Annoying Orange vs. Mario Kart HEY! Check me Vs. Mario Kart - it's a REAL SLICK video! HAHAHA! July 22, 2013
Kingcoco King Coco The other fruits mock Coconut for not having seeds. But after eating a freak meteor turns him into a ravenous 50-foot beast, the fruits don't annoy him anymore. Instead, they attack him with airplanes to stop his rampage. July 24, 2013
Grumpyoldfruits Grumpy Old Fruits HEY! Wrinkly is as wrinkly does! HAHAHA! July 26, 2013
Sherleekholmes The Further Adventures of Sherleek Holmes Crikey! Orange and Pear travel to London only to find their luggage has been lost. Thankfully, famous detective Sherleek Holmes is investigating. But before solving the case, Holmes must decide who can be his new sidekick now that Dr. Watercress is gone. July 31, 2013
Sasquatch Mystery of the Sasquatch HEY! Hey Sassy Squash! OOOGA BOOGA! OOOGA BOOGA! HAHAHA! August 2, 2013
Meteorsandwich ORANGE APPROVED: Meteor Sandwich Hey! Check out what happens when you eat a METEOR sandwich! It doesn't mean extra cold cuts, that's for sure! HAHAHA! August 5, 2013
Fruiturama Fruiturama Orange is frozen in a tub of sorbet, leaving the other fruits free to be productive. But he awakes in a distant dystopian future where they live in fear of the robot Gort. These future fruits claim Orange is the chosen annoying one who can free them all! August 7, 2013
Randomcuts2 Random Cuts 02 HEY! It's Random Cuts #2! Time to give PEAS a chance! HAHAHA! August 9, 2013
Asteroranges Asteroranges WOAH! This game might really BLOW UP! HAHAHA! August 12, 2013
Grapeexpectations Grape Expectations HEY! This episode really RAISINS the roof! HAHAHA! August 16, 2013
Orangetinywings Annoying Orange vs. Tiny Wings Woah! Check it out! I've got Tiny Wings - I'm so FLY! HAHAHA! August 19, 2013
Erbok2 Epic Rap Battles Of Kitchenry 2 IT'S EPIC YO! It's Midget Apple Vs. Biggie Fries! BEGIN! HAHA! August 23, 2013
Hoboken Annoying Orange vs. Street Fighter Hey RYE-YOU! Shoryuken!!! HAHAHA! August 26, 2013
Wasabigoateeparty Wasabi Goatee Party!!! Three words: WASABI GOATEE PARTY!!! August 30, 2013
Foodsplosion1 FOODSPLOSION 1 It's the gameshow where we watch food get 'sploded in super slow motion! First up, Andy the Apple and his prize...a sledgehammer!!! September 2, 2013
Easyaspi Easy As Pi Orange and the gang go back to school! Unfortunately for their teacher, so does knife. September 6, 2013
Top5homework Top 5 Ways To Get Out Of Your Homework! Sweet! No Homework! HAHAHA! September 9, 2013
Cerealkilleron911 Cereal Killer The cops are on the case when Crispy Cereal turns up crunched to pieces. But can police partners Orange and Pear put their differences aside long enough to solve the case? Or stop playing the kazoo? Or escape suspicion? Because the evidence says it was an inside job. September 11, 2013
Instagraham Instagraham No description available. September 13, 2013
Thejuice2 The Juice 2: Goose-Moose Hey! Hey YouTube... GOOSE-MOOSE! HAHAHA! September 16, 2013
Orangejuliuscaesar Orange Julius Caesar All hail emperor Orange! From mere gladiator to almighty ruler of the Romaine Empire, Orange reigns supreme. But will his hubris be his undoing? Or at least really annoy his subjects? September 18, 2013
Whatdoesthesocksay The Sock What does the SOCK say!? HAHAHA! September 20, 2013
Foodsplosion2 FOODSPLOSION 2: Wanda Watermelon HEY! Ever wonder what would happen when walloping Wanda Watermelon!? HAHAHA! September 23, 2013
Armagourdon Armagourdon The fruits find themselves in quite the pickle -- an asteroid is headed their way, certain to bring complete Armageddon to the cart. Orange concocts a plan to head into space and blow the rock to bits. But with mere hours left to live, will Orange find the courage to confess his feelings to Passion Fruit? September 25, 2013
Breakingbadeggs Breaking Bad Eggs When Eggsenberg visits the kitchen, the YOLKS on us! HAHAHA! September 27, 2013
Shocktober Shocktober!!! Get ready for scary videos and NEW SHOWS in #Shocktober!!! September 30, 2013
Orangesayknockyouout Orange Say Knock You Out Phat beats and delicious rhymes are needed when the rap crew of wrap sandwiches aims to take over Daneboe's. But is Orange up to the task after an on-stage meltdown? October 2, 2013
Barewolf Barewolf Jacksfilms returns as Nude Dude... with a SECRET! October 4, 2013
Top5zombieapocalypse Top 5 Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Hey Internet... ZOMBIES! HAHAHA! October 7, 2013
Hungryfruitgames Hungry Fruit Games Under the oppressive Broccoli regime, two of each kind of fruit are chosen to fight to the death every year in the arena. Orange and Passion find that what might save them is not their fighting skills but their ability to fake being in love. October 9, 2013
Deadandberried Dead and Berries Bippity-Doo-Bop-Skee-Bop! Stop being annoying, ya see! #Shocktober October 11, 2013
Thejuicehalloween The Juice: Biggest Fear What's the juice!? The gang discusses their biggest fears! October 14, 2013
NoImageAvailable Peartegeist Perhaps the cart could have survived a mild haunting on its own. But when Orange stirs up the spirits even further with his god-awful jokes, it's time for the fruits to take action. October 16, 2013
Deviledegg The Deviled Egg Well I'll bedeviled... it's THE DEVILED EGG! AAAHHHHH!!!! Will I be a SOUL survivor!? October 18, 2013
Foodsplosionhalloweenedition FOODSPLOSION: Halloween Edition I swear I SAW this Pumpkin somewhere before! HAHAHA! October 21, 2013
NoImageAvailable Bat's All, Fruits! Fruit-O-Ween means more than candy and costumes -- it also means that Orange tries to teach his fruit friends about the importance of acceptance when they balk at his new Rainbow Fairy friend. Of course, that lesson is harder to teach when it turns out your pal is a vampire fruit bat in disguise. October 23, 2013
Thedining The Dining No description available. October 25, 2013
Letsplaysplatterup Annoying Orange Let's Play SPLATTER UP! No description available. October 26, 2013
Horrorscope HORRER-SCOPE!!! HEY! Watch me read these MONSTER Horroscopes! HAHAHA! October 28, 2013
NoImageAvailable Little Cart of Scaries When Nerville brings a ravenous Venus Fruit Trap plant into the shop it's up to Orange to alert the other fruits of this danger in their midst - but a tempting offer makes him think twice about saving his friends. October 30, 2013
Angryorange Angry Orange! HEY! You know I'm the Annoying Orange - but have you met the ANGRY Orange!? November 1, 2013
Fruitninja Annoying Orange Vs. Fruit Ninja NINJA SMOKE! HAHAHA! November 4, 2013
Gutwrenching Gut Wrenching WOOHOO! Watch us have a WHALE of a time in today's episode! HAHAHA! November 8, 2013
Grandpalemonhappywheels Annoying Orange Let's Play Happy Wheels with Grandpa Lemon! No description available. November 11, 2013
Askorange9 Ask Orange 9: Orange Is A Brony? HEY! What's up Bronies? You ready to get your magic on!? HAHAHA! November 15, 2013
Thejuice3 The Juice 3: Emo Knife HEY! If you had to be one of the fruits in the kitchen - who would it be!? November 18, 2013
Goatcarts Goat Carts WOAH! This video is really RACY! HAHAHA! Go-Go Goat Carts! November 22, 2013
Grandpalemonsurgeonsimulator Annoying Orange Let's Play Surgeon Simulator with Grandpa Lemon No description available. November 25, 2013
NoImageAvailable Thanksfornothing Day What can a fruit be thankful for? Years ago, at Plymouth Wok, the fruits and vegetables came together to live in peace. Too bad the utensils were out to slice them and dice them all for mealtime! November 26, 2013
Cnadycrushmarshmallow Annoying Orange Let's Play Candy Crush with Marshmallow! No description available. November 26, 2013
Orangeandgrapefruitcallofduty Annoying Orange Let's Play Call of Duty Ghosts (Orange vs Grapefruit) No description available. November 27, 2013
Slendergrandpalemon Annoying Orange Let's Play SLENDER with Grandpa Lemon No description available. November 28, 2013
Minecraftorange Annoying Orange Let's Play MINECRAFT No description available. November 29, 2013
Foodsplosion3 FOODSPLOSION 3: Pablo The Pepper HEY! Watch Pablo the Pepper go CLUBBING! HAHAHA! December 2, 2013
NoImageAvailable Fruitsy the Snowfruit When Orange builds Fruitsy the Snowfruit, who comes to life magically, everyone is thrilled! When subsequent magical snow creations take shape and have complete destruction on their mind the excitement wanes. December 4, 2013
Blackholedonut Black Hole Donut HEY! Hey Donut! Are you feeling HOLE again!? HAHAHA! December 6, 2013
Thejuice4 The Juice 4: BatPan & Robinero No description available. December 9, 2013
Icicleinsanity Icicle Insanity STOP THE (Icicle) INSANITY! HAHAHA! December 13, 2013
Happywheelschristmas Annoying Orange Let's Play Happy Wheels: Jingle Bells SPLAT! No description available. December 16, 2013
Coalforchristmas Coal For Christmas WOAH! Looks like Coal is NOTTY getting anything for Christmas! HAHAHA! December 20, 2013
Splatterup2 Annoying orange Let's Play SPLATTER UP! 2: Merry Splatmas! No description available. December 23, 2013
Infinitysnowball Infinity Snowball HEY! Hey everything - SNOWBALL! HAHAHA! December 27, 2013
Foodsplosion4 FOODSPLOSION 4: Pineapple Goes BATTY No description available. December 30, 2013

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