Fortune Cookie
Gender Male
Played by Chad Sahley
Death Crushed by Dane Boedigheimer
First Appearance Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie was the titular character of his own episode. He was played by Chad Sahley.


Fortune Cookie appeared when Egg Roll was taken away and consumed, and Orange was confused as to what food he was. Orange eventually learned he was a fortune cookie, and immediately started trying to see if he could predict the future, much to Fortune Cookie's annoyance. Fortune Cookie was eventually killed by a thumb, leaving behind a fortune warning of Misfortune Apple's doom that was eluded when Miss Fortune Cookie's prediction failed. ("So you're gonna get cut in half...")


  • "Where he has gone, no fruit may follow."
  • "Well not for just a couple hours (chuckles)'
  • "No No i'm not Heh"
  • "That's just no- no i'm a fortune cookie"
  • "Fortune, like, fortune teller."
  • "I don't know"
  • "Shut up!"
  • "You're an idiot!"
  • "Okay, i get it, just stop already;"
  • "Miss Fortune Cookie? Who's Miss Fortune Cookie?"
    Fortune Cookie being crushed

    Fortune Cookie being crushed

  • "Oh, that's a fortune."
  • "Thumb? Huh. But that doesn't make any sense,"
  • "Weird. Maybe it was just a dud,"
  • "Oh shut up"
  • (growls) "Seriously, I don't wanna hear another peep out of you, OK?"
  • "What?
  • (screams)


  • Fortune Cookie is the first fortune cookie to appear, shortly followed up by a female fortune cookie.
  • His fortune reads "KNIFE."
  • He said in the episode that he couldn't always tell the direct future, however, Miss Fortune Cookie was able to, as the misfortune gang's deaths happened right after she finished telling the misfortunes.
  • He is the fifth character to die in the episode.
  • Dane made the fortune inside.

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