Okay, maybe my Latin's a little rusty.
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Fred Figglehorn: Hey, it's Fred! And I'm gonna go grocery shopping!

Orange: Hey! Knock-Knock!

Fred Figglehorn: Who's there?

Orange: Knock-Knock

Fred: Uh.. Who's there?

Orange: Knock-Knock

Fred: Who is there!?

Orange: Knock-Knock

Fred: Who's there!!?

Orange: Knock-Knock!

Fred: Who's THERE?!

Orange: Knock-Knock!

Fred: I'm gonna squeeze you to death that if you don't tell me who's there!!!

(Record scratches)

Orange: Knock-Knock!


Orange: ....

Fred: Who is there?! Just tell me! Gosh!

Orange: Orange!

Fred: Orange who?

Orange: Orange you glad I didn't say "Knock-Knock" again?

(Both Laugh)

Fred: Good one! I get it! That's a little weird.

Orange: What a weirdo!

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