Fruit Basket
The Fruit Bowl was a bowl with five fruits who only appeared in Jalapeño, though one of it's contents, Peach, also later appeared in Wishful Thinking and Comedy Clubbing as a cameo background appearence. The bowl contains five female characters who are deeply in love with Jalapeño, and detest any obnoxious comments that Orange makes towards him. They were absolutely horrified and devastated at his death. They are the equivalent of giddy high school girls falling for one guy.


Image Name Description
Appleinbowl Green Apple Was seen as one of the fruit in the bowl wearing a bow and makeup.
Kiwiinbowl Kiwi Was seen as one of the fruit in the bowl with long eyelashes.
Clementine Clementine Was seen as one of the fruit in the bowl wearing makeup. Of them all, she was the most fresh towards Orange probably because she fears people thinking that she resembles him.
Atualfoinbowl Ataúlfo Was seen as one of the fruit in the bowl wearing earrings and makeup.
Peachinbowl Peach Was seen as one of the fruits in the fruit bowl and the only one of those characters who actually appeared in other episodes. She appeared to have long eyelashes and lipstick on.


  • The green apple is the eleventh apple to appear in the series.
  • This is the third time for a kiwi to appear; first was Wazzup, and second was The Exploding Orange. The kiwi is the first female kiwi in the series.
  • The green apple is one of the few characters to wear a bow on their head, also being the first to do so.
  • This is the first time a peach, altuafo and a clementine has appeared.
  • Peach was the only one seen out of the bowl in Wishful Thinking and Comedy Clubbing.

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