A section of Fruitville County

Fruitville County is the region of area in which Dane Boedigheimer's house is supposedly located and is where most of The Annoying Orange series takes place. It was first mentioned in Kitchen Intruder by the Mark the Red Pepper as the region where Nancy Nectarine was almost knifed. The general area appears well off in terms of vegetation and nature. Deeper areas of Fruitville County appear in Mystery Guest, Previously On, Ask Orange 2: Toast Busters!, Buddy Cops, Subscribe Trailer, ORANGE NYA NYA STYLE, Buddy Cops 2: Stachehouse and Time to Burn.


  • Heyapple Avenue - The idyllic street where the series takes place.
  • State Road - The main road leading through the county
  • Meadowview Lane - A small street near Fire House Lane, there are several houses on it.
  • Fire House Lane - A street with several houses, just above HeyApple Avenue.
  • Lenox Road - A long slightly-swervy road that leads to a different neighborhood.
  • Pinewood Road - A small road hanging off the county office.

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