Not much is known about Future Orange. According to Evil Orange, Orange from the future was the only person who could stop him because he knew the location of the Whistling Pinwheel, so it is likely that, due to the fact Evil Orange is an evil future space warlord, that he was at war with Evil Orange in space. Future Orange first appeared near the end of the episode he debuted in to save Orange. Both Orange and Pear believed he was the evil space warlord because Evil Orange got to them first, but after he used the whistling pinwheel to kill Evil Orange and revealed his identity as a similar person to Orange, they soon found out that he was the true Future Orange and that the orange he had killed was really the warlord. Future Orange then hid the whistling pinwheel, which was seen in Flower Power! on top of a bookcase.


Future Orange looks and talks similarly to the original Orange, except that he wears a helmet similar to that of Darth Vader from the Star Wars series.

Future Orange with the face mask on


  • He is telekinetic. It is possible that the helmet is made with futuristic technology that allows the fruit wearing it to move things telekinetically.
  • He has kept his ability to annoy perfectly over the course of his life, and is still his cheerful self.
  • He is the first food character shown grabbing items and using telekinesis.
  • He is the seventh orange in the series.
  • His mask is a combination of a racing helmet and a Darth Vader helmet.
  • In the episode there are two futures, good and the bad. Future Orange comes from the good future.
  • He is the sixth annoying character, after Orange, More Annoying Orange, the Oranges from the cooler, Cabbage, and the Extra Life Orange.

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