Gender Male
Played by Robert Jennings
Death Knifed
First Appearance No More Mr. Knife Guy

Ginger was a character who only appeared in No More Mr. Knife Guy. After Ginger was knifed he became a soul. He was seen having an argument with Orange that gingers have souls, too, which Orange doesn't believe. While Pear couldn't figure out what an Ouija board was doing (he thought it was Yahtzee) and how he was supposed to play it, Orange tried suggesting games and Ginger was then knifed. In the end of the episode, the planchette moves about spelling Ginger and then levitates and turns into Ginger's soul, making Orange and Pear scream.


  • "I've already told you like a thousand times. Why don't you believe me?"
  • "A ginger?"
  • "Well, gingers have souls."
  • "Do so."
  • "Ginger!"
  • "Who said that?"
  • (as his soul) "See? I told you gingers have souls! Suck it, Orange!"

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