The motorcycle

Grandpa Lemon's Motorcycle is a motorcycle that Grandpa Lemon owns. Grandpa Lemon first used his trendy motorcycle to jump through the Fiery Hoops of Freedom, because he wanted to do something cool to survive. He successfully jumped through the hoops, but fell asleep upon landing. Grandpa Lemon appeared on his motorcycle to pick up Midget Apple before Marshmallow destroyed most of the kitchen. He drove the motorcycle outside Dane Boedigheimer's house, and when the motorcycle stopped, he fell asleep. He has used it many times after this.


  • The motorcycle had a side cart in Best Fiends Forever.
  • Grandpa Lemon is the only other main character to have a vechicle that appears in the episodes several times.
  • Grandpa Lemon starts it by yelling, "Geromino!" and doing a wheelie.
  • As hinted on his Facebook page, Grandpa Lemon used this motorcycle during his career long before the series began.
  • In GO. BWAAH! Orange rides behind Grandpa Lemon instead of the second seaer that Midget Apple road in. Also, Grandpa Lemon didn't yell, "Geronimo!"

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