Gender Female based on appearance, Male as Pear called Grape a Male
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Death Knifed
First Appearance Annoying Valentines

Grape was a minor character who only appeared in the episode Annoying Valentines. Pear wanted Orange to tell her something nice. Orange succeeds, but Grape then was knifed towards the end of the episode, which Knife didn't know until later (similar to how he killed Lime). The fact however that she got halved is quite odd since grapes do not need to be minced. The same thing happened with some blackberries one season ago.


  • Grape is a ninth character who does not scream while getting knifed.
  • She is the second character or group of characters to be knifed despite being too small (the first being the blackberries).
  • While Grape is referred to as male, she appears to be female as she wears a bow and has a feminine voice.
  • Like the blackberries, she was voiced by Dane Boedigheimer and was a fruit that was knifed anyway despite being too small.

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