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Gender Male
Death Eaten by Frankenfruit
First Appearance Frankenfruit

Halloweenie (who used to be known as Hot Dog) is a thought to be fictional character who was cursed by a Gypsy. He appears in Frankenfruit. It is crossed between a hot dog and a vampire.


Halloweenie is a mix of an anthropomorphic hot dog, a werewolf and a vampire. He was created by the Unnamed Gypsy; he was an innocent food before being transformed. He can be seen crying; it is assumed he was good, but the effects of the full moon turn him into a monster by force.


He was part of a story told by Midget Apple, but he was soon revealed to be real when Frankenfruit was
Halloweenie's enemy: Frankenfruit
Brainulator9Added by Brainulator9
revealed be real as well. Halloweenie attacked Frankenfruit as soon as he appeared as Orange said his name. He attacked, devoured, and beat up almost everyone at the same time. However, he failed to kill Gourd (Little Plumpkin), Grandpa Lemon, and Grapefruit, possibly as they cannot be eaten easily without being knifed.

Characters killed



  • His name is a pun on "Halloween" and "Weenie".
  • Weenie means "little" and "Little" Apple was telling the story of the Halloweenie.
  • He is a very tall hot dog, being only a little shorter than Frankenfruit.
  • He is the first hot dog in any episode (the second being the one in Meteortron).
  • He is the second character to eat another character.
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