{{Short |Episode = 8 |Image = Ep8 |Characters = Orange, Dane Boedigheimer (Apple, Pear, Pumpkin, Tomato, and [[More Annoying Orange all appear on a button to the link to Daneboe's YouTube Channel for the other episodes) |Airdate = January 15, 2010 |Prev Ep = Passion of the Fruit |Next Ep = Wazzup! |Reference = Hey Apple!}} Hey YOUTUBE!!! is the eighth episode in the Annoying Orange series and the fourth episode of Season 2. It was an episode in which Orange told his viewers to check out his new YouTube channel, and also to subscribe (he said "press the yellow buton!"). Dane Boedigheimer also appeared in this short.


Orange tells his viewers about him and his YouTube channel, and that they should subscribe to his channel.


Hey YOUTUBE!!!01:34


Hey YouTube!!!

"Hey YOUTUBE!!!"
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