thumb|300px|right"I'm So Delicious" (also referred to as Lady Pasta's Song) is a song by Lady Pasta's that appeared in Lady Pasta. It was the final song Lady Pasta ever performed because she had been boiled alive upon finishing performing the song for Orange. It is a parody of the pop musician Lady Gaga's hit single, "Bad Romance".



Roma To-May-Tah

Garlic! Ooo-La-La!

I'm So Delicious!

Forget Spaghetti

I Want Linguine

Give Me Fusilli, Penne Or Ziti


Gnocchi Or Tortellini

Fettuccine Alfredo

Angel Hair Al Pesto

And Top It Off

With Some Chicken Parm

Just Boil Me And

Stir Me Once In A While

As You Heat Up Some Sauce In A Pan

Or Don't Add Sauce

Add Butter Instead

You Can Eat Me Completely Bland


You Can Eat Me Strand By Strand

Taaaasty! Taaaasty!

I Won't Tell If Your Sauce Is Canned


Roma To-May-Tah

Garlic! Ooo-La-La!

I'm So Delicious!

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